League/SEIU Training and Upgrading. Fund. Article XXXIB Contract Interpretation and Policy Committee 93 . LEAGUE AGREEMENT. SEIU Reaches Contract Agreement with the League of Voluntary Hospitals and Homes. After months of talks that culminated in several. Members of SEIU District are eligible for a free college benefit with.

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For details on the upcoming contract ratification vote, a schedule has now been posted here: Two major bargaining groups of metro-area nursing homes each reached a contract with SEIU, agreeing to wage increases for 30, workers Read More. This should show any nay-sayers out there the real benefit to being a Member of our Union and our ability to win when we stick seii. We need more comprehensive health care for district residents east of the river – and the east end hospital equity act does not deliver.

Working together with his shop delegate, the member showed that the issue had already been addressed with the original discipline and the secondary action was overturned. The outcomes detailed below highlight the importance of collective bargaining and Union rights.

The Union is working on an aggressive strategy to make sure contrzct concerns are heard by the state and bring resolution to the grievances brought by members. The individual resigned and received satisfactory resolution, which was a significant settlement.

Ohio Department of Veterans Services — A member was improperly denied an overtime opportunity.


New Contract Preserves Benefits, Protects Pension

This only applies to new SEIU members. Healthcare workers at St. The member teamed up with the Union, received an agreement with the agency, and was given another opportunity. A member with the State of Ohio recently won two grievances relating to a disciplinary fine. This only applies to the service credit used to calculate the amount of your pension. Thank you for your support and solidarity throughout this entire process. Skip to main content.

The strategic conrract of SEIU is to achieve one high standard for all healthcare workers. Arbitration has now been scheduled for September 25th, It is open to eligible members and retirees, in addition to spouses, domestic partners, children, grandchildren, and dependents. Please consult your CBA, or your Delegate for the precise language. The agency was obligated to advertise the position at the same class level.

New Contract Preserves Benefits, Protects Pension | SEIU Funds

Signup for Email Updates and Stay Connected Our mission is to improve the lives of working people and their families and to achieve greater social and economic justice. In recent years the union and the city’s private hospitals have worked together on several issues, including fighting the potential repeal of the Affordable Care Act and lobbying for more money in the state budget to support hospitals if federal funding declined.

Retirees in pay status will receive a onetime bonus equal to 3 percent of their annual pension benefit on December 1, Employers will contribute cobtract, and the early retirement benefit has two changes, starting January 1, February 6, But then there is the State of Ohio… Despite having an entire Office of Collective Bargaining, numerous lawyers for each state agency and labor relations officers, the State of Ohio has put Dan Guttman of the high-priced law firm BakerHostetler in charge of bargaining on the behalf of management.


The contract is not finalized until it is ratified by our Union Members and the State Controlling Board. As with the League contract for hospital workers, the Greater New York contract is the model for wages and benefits that we have achieved within the nursing-home industry.

We are putting together a complete summary of everything included in ccontract tentative agreement, but here are some major highlights: In situations like these, Parole Officers must take time off of work for treatment, evaluation and medical follow up.

Negotiations & Your Union Contract

Tweet Share Share Email More. Anyone who shows up to vote that has not yet signed a membership card will be required to sign one or they will not be able to clntract. New members will still qualify for a pension benefit after five years of service. In December, an Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections member was issued a disciplinary fine for xontract common practice that had not been flagged by management.

There are separate contracts with each licensed agency for the home health aides.