TOEIC Listening (Photographs) provides audio exercises based on part I of the TOEIC test written excellent preparation for other English exams. The TOEIC . TOEIC based listening comprehension answers – Read more about exercises, transcripts, refer, audio, toeic and comprehension. Download TOEIC Listening (Photographs) free via AppsHawk. TOEIC Listening ( Photographs) provides audio exercises based on part I of the TOEIC test.

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A smiling girl TOEIC listening 37 A large wall Relaxing in a hammock A female lab technician Breaking the rock A stroll in the street Climbing up the career ladder A lot of pollution The Eiffel tower Canoing on a mountain lake A bathroom with an oval tub The plumber with the spanner A military base At a truck factory An outdoor gathering Running into the water A horse guard parade in London A man on a ladder The horse race The end of the pier Three kids in the snow A couple on a park bench The main pipe line.


A produce shop Working on a power transmission line TOEIC listening 42 In a hair salon An old fashion kitchen TOEIC listening 17 At the optician’s Entering a shop A women in an office View on the harbour Sitting around a table. TOEIC listening 31 The bicycle relay A harbour view Boarding the schoolbus TOEIC listening 34 A walking frame An open air market Inside the car Shopping in the market Instead, you will be absorbing bits and pieces of the English language almost without realizing it.

TOEIC listening 3 TOEIC listening 12 Sitting by the pond The freezer room

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