Billable Accounts. Select Customer from the Left Navigation and Add a New Customer. This is your billing entity. You can configure the account as pre-‐paid or. The Asterisk A2Billing Calling-Card-Platform A guide to the basics of using A2Billing the asterisk Handbook (). Maual. Contribute to eluizbr/Manual development by creating an account on GitHub.

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Add Prefix Add a new country code. Linux distributions are available from a number of sources e. The Billing screens are where payments and general accounting takes place. A rate-card has to exist before rates can be imported. The Generate customers section allows the administrator to create multiple cards with the same properties, which can then be printed on physical s2billing and sold via retail outlets.

Customers A customer has a number of properties, mainly a card number, an Alias and a password. Create Invoices Allows the operator to create invoices, and optionally send out the invoices by email. New mail templates can be created. The base currency is set up in a2billing.

Documentation (Admin) | A2Billing

Information on the internet is available to work round mmanual problem. So having set up a PayPal business account, A2billling gives the facility to collect payments online and securely with customers topping up their calling cards with either PayPal or any major credit card.

The remainder are hidden. Note that only certain service providers allow the CID to be a2billung by Asterisk, and in any case, you should be authorised to send CID delivered.


These can be filtered to show one of Four levels: Show administrator shows the administrators previously created, along with the passwords shown in clear, so this screen should not be shown to onlookers.

This number, or the customer’s email address is used to log in to the web site graphical user interface. This is installed on Linux and allows you to make configuration changes to Linux, and the services that it runs mmanual a simple web interface. When that number is called, it is pre-programmed to call back the customer on a pre-defined number.

user manual | A2Billing

From this graph, the maximum number of concurent calls can be ascertained. The A2Billing platform has many a2billibg that are only found in high end calling card platforms costing many thousands of dollars. Add Administrator allows you to add an administrator with access to the whole system.

Management Interface Introduction The management interface allows the system to be configured.

Manually adding customer payment in A2Billing

The system allows a prefix to be added or removed from every call using this trunk. Calls can be filtered by using the analysis tools at the top of the page. Although there are a number of clone cards, it is recommended that Digium cards are purchased for two reasons. Both carrier costs and retail rates can be added into this section which will assist in ensuring that each destination is profitable.

user manual

Watch Log Files Select log files from the drop down list to view. View Money Situation The view money situation shows a list of total payments, refills and the outstanding balance for each customer. Therefore a rate-card must be created before the Call Plan, and then added to the mznual.


DID Callback – Each customer is given their own personal trigger number. The management interface allows the system to be configured. Show mail template displays the templates currently created. Broadband In order to take full advantage of all the features offered by A2Billing, a broadband connection will be required, preferably with a fixed IP address. Generate Customers The Generate customers section allows the administrator to create multiple cards with the same properties, which can then be printed on physical cards and sold via retail outlets.

Multiple trunks can be enabled, which may have different rates, and will allow the system failover to a working trunk a2bikling the default trunk fail. This screen also allows the possibility of applying a Package Offer for a certain number of minutes to a destination.

The file is well commented, and it should be clear as to what needs to be done. Ensure that the VoIP provider allows concurrent calls. It also lists statistics on callbacks. Generate vouchers is to bulk create a number of vouchers, which may be printed and sold to customers. The DNID can be set to an individual number to always choose this rate card when aa2billing number matches.