Billable Accounts. Select Customer from the Left Navigation and Add a New Customer. This is your billing entity. You can configure the account as pre-‐paid or. A guide to the basics of using A2Billing The Asterisk PBX was originally designed for Linux Operating system. Due to the the asterisk Handbook (http:// ) . Create A2Billing system/database user. Use this manual to configure Idefisk with your and username/ password as. / NOTE: that User is by default Blocked to insure.

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Go to the bottom left and set to display all. The trunk can be created either in Asterisk using sip. The system will report whether the import has been successful, and which rates may have failed the import.

Customers previously created are listed here. More information on individual fields can be gleaned from the list or create customer screens.

When the system is first installed, the default usernames passwords mxnual There are two ways of billing the call. Administrators can be edited and deleted.

Show Callbacks This screen lists all the callbacks to a number of different asterisk servers. Variables can be used to insert the name, card number, card alias, and password into the email: When the system is first installed, the default usernames passwords are:. The file is well commented, and a2bklling should be clear as to what needs to be done. For instance you can define that you can to a2billlng the customer 0. This report will list all calls inbound and outbound on a call by call basis.

Specific instructions on each section are below, however the order of events is as follows: The DNID can be set to an individual number to always choose this rate card when the number matches.


There are two types of charge available, a one off charge, and a recurring charge which is applied every month. Create the cards for distribution, or open your website for business.

When that number is called, it is pre-programmed to call back the customer on a pre-defined number. This screen also allows the possibility of applying a Package Offer for a certain number of minutes to a destination.

Pre-paid customers have to charge their account with a sum of money before they can make calls. These can be filtered to show one of Four levels: The card numbers are unique, and both identify the customer as well as providing secure access.

user manual

View Unbilled Invoices All invoices ready to be despatched cane be viewed here, and sent out when checked. User Guide This chapter aims to help using the software. Thus it is important to note that the CallerID iser be unique throughout the system. If the dialled digits do not match an entry in the rate card attached to usef customer, then the call cannot be terminated. This is a very powerful tool to reduce fraud. Invoices can be exported in CSV format for fulfillment, or they can be emailed from the interface.

The screen will then offer the option to apply stepped charges to the customer. So having set up a PayPal business account, A2billling gives the facility to collect payments online and a2billling with customers topping up their calling cards with either PayPal or any major credit card.

A2Billing v Install Guide | Asterisk FreeSwitch guides

Show Servers Lists the callback servers that have been added to the system for making calls. Stop and start dates, days and times will allow different rates to be applied at different times of the day or week. Speed dials are listed here. Database Backup This section allows the database to be backed up. Add New Callbacks This screen allow the operator to create a new callback which is them displayed in the show callbacks screen Show server Groups Lists group in which servers are attached Add Server Group Add a new server group that is then displayed above.


The Package to be mabual is selected within the Call Plan. Now you also have to assign it to a ratecard a2billint a dial prefix.

This is similar to a account number a2billling pass: Customers Billing Ratecard Trunk Call used Cront service oh i have to document this one too Administrator File manager Signup DID Then there is a daddy administrator, which has all the options, and can create acl administrators. For instance, it is generally cheaper to recieve a call on a mobile phone when roaming abroad than to make a call. Login Information – Forgot password.

Additionally, the page allows the administrator to ab2illing for a specific card, or a batch of cards. It is from this interface that cards are topped up manually via the refill button.

User Guide | A2Billing

Import Rate-Card Rates can be imported in bulk, having been previously prepared in an appropriate format in Excel or Access. RateCard Introduction The rate card section is used for defining rates and tariffs.

Charges should be made in the base currency. Click edit to a2bipling the properties of a customer. Having installed the programs above, you should now have a basis of a working system; however there are one or two changes to be made. The rate card section is used for defining rates and tariffs. If already yes and having problems try change it to no and save and then change back to yes and save.