Normally undergraduate student projects will involve Aspen Plus or Aspen Properties. To start either of these packages, be sure to look for the corresponding. in 24 Hours. Integrating Aspen Plus into the Chemical Engineering Classroom . Not Recommended: Using lecture time to prepare students for the tutorial. This manual is intended as a guide to using AspenTech’s software. Beginning with Aspen Plus , there is also an XML Results file available from Aspen.

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You can rename the components by changing their Component ID, and choosing Rename at the screen that pops up.

You create a reaction by clicking on the New button in the Reactions tab; if the reactor had multiple reactions occurring within, you create an item for each reaction. Click on the Databanks tab, and highlight all of the fields on the right. This means that all users can read, write, and even delete files. Listed below are some good estimates for the first two columns.

With the plot done, you now have a couple of options. Product Product storage is a function of testing policy and shipment size. Aspen Calculations If you try to use both manual calculations and Aspen Pinch in constructing a Heat Exchanger Network, you might notice some differences.

If you only want them to be able to read files, un-check Allow network users to change my files. The cooling air temperature should be summer ambient temperatures an average temperature, not the hottest day in history! We have chosen 1 in. Click OK to map. It covers nine Technical Areas, mainly in solids p Crystallization The Crystallization Process Manual contains 9 volumes and covers topics that include process chemistry, equipment selection, crystallizer design and modeling, crystallization process applications, crystallizer trouble-shooting, experimental techniques, and recommended procedures.

Then click the down arrow next to the picture labeled Flash2. Now you can consider where you can design your heat exchangers, and this is where the Pinch Method comes into consideration. For most problems that you face in your college career, you will rarely have to worry about your system having an electrolyte or not having available interaction parameters.


You may notice that, with a column pressure greater than 80 psig, there is no appreciable loss in propane, however a significant amount of our lower weight hydrocarbons are removed.

As well as the recommended Thermodynamic Property Tree, an index of most common abbreviations for the models is given in the online help. Finding the Heat of Reaction o You might need to specify the heat of reaction so that the heat duty can be accurately transferred to Aspen Pinch or Icarus.

Click Next when you are done. On the Variable Definition form, select the category All or Streamsand fill out the required fields under Reference and click Next. You can also obtain this graph by clicking.

Then move on to the next -highest temperature range in your stream table. Log In Sign Up. If the reactions occur in series you would need to check the box below the New button.

However, since your computer more likely has the home edition installed on it, here is a short how-to for setting up a shared folder with XP Home.

Modeling Coal Combustion

Otherwise, you’ll have to map it manually every time. All you have to do is select the picture of one column, copy it, and paste it onto the other flowsheet: You should be able to graph it quite easily from that point on. Any time you change conditions and want to run again you must Reinitialize the process before running. One last point that we can never stress enough is to make sure that, if you share a folder at home, you constantly protect your computer from viruses and worms.

We ended up with a condenser pressure of psia below. Select what you wish to vary by selecting the variable from the pull-down menus on the left molar reflux ratio is MOLE-RR.

The column specifications are as described below: You will need to open a file located under C: Right clicking stops you from placing drums on the screen.


Tuesday, January 29, Windows XP Professional has a much more powerful way to control the sharing of files, so if you have it or have access to it, I recommend it over the Home Edition. To switch back to DHCP-based addressing, you need to merely enter into the command prompt: We set the condenser pressure to psia, which is the vapor pressure of iso-Butane at oF. You can either Propane scroll down the list in Aspen or select and copy the desired 20 columns and view them in Excel.

Enter the same stage you had been operating at previously. We strongly urge you to never run Aspen without an updated anti-virus agent, and, as a corollary, update your virus definitions frequently.

The makers of the AspenTech, Inc. Some choices of drums come up; select the top right by clicking on it. If you want to try varying another aspect of this column number of segments, packing type, temperature or pressure of the feed, etc go for it. By now, you should realize that whenever tabs displayit means you need to enter more information before moving onto the next step. The manual also covers drying kinetics and equilibria, product quality, dryer operations, and experimental technique.

So forgallons plys working capacity we would specify a ,gallon tutorlal for this service. Therefore we want to pick a pressure that is reasonably in- between these two pressures.

Aspen Technology

Here instead choose Residue. I am not trying to dissuade you from Pressure for Initial Distillate Rate of 1. Air, Acetone, and Water. In our pkus, this is merely methanol. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Again, if you are a little unsure of what this screen should look like, to the right is an example.