Avtech | AVC | User manual | Avtech AVC User manual. H Network DVR User Manual Please read instructions thoroughly before operation and. Spesifikasi AVC D | 8 Channel Avtech DVR | Digital Video Recording by Avtech Surabaya. Spesifikasi Avtech AVCPV, 8 Channel DVR dengan fitur Push Video.

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Disk Backup selected Model Only Avc7966 apparatus is manufactured to comply with the radio interference requirements. Only operate this apparatus from the type of power source indicated on the label. If not, your DVR will stop the playback. PIN 21 is Alarm Get dvt RJ11 cable with the proper length to your connection. Appendix 1 Specifications You can set the password up to 4 digits. For Selected Models Only Note: There are two different methods to set the detection area depending dfr the model you have.

This list shows all logs in the specified DVR from the latest to the earliest. Recording Time Please note that the recording time may vary depending on the following three factors, and the data below is for reference only.

Appendix 6 Pin Configuration Download by Event Select an event log from the event list. Installazione E Connessione Di Rete When the last channel is displayed, it will start from CH1 again. Menu Operation Instruction The default value of Vvr isand others are Replace the top cover and fasten the screws you loosened in STEP1.


The program will be automatically run. The language change will take effect when this program is closed and executed again. Ptz Camera Connection Operazioni Di Base Appendix 5 Dvr Avf796 Replacement Main Button Overview Appendix 7 Recording Time Table The default value is Click to view all event and recording logs, search the desired log s by date, or playback the recording of the selected log.

Intentional interruption is prohibited. Blocco E Sblocco Tasti Any interruption of the protective conductor inside or outside of the instrument is likely to make the instrument dangerous.

Appendix 6 Dvr Drv Replacement PIN 7 is Alarm You will the following screen: You can check all the logs here, and select one of them to payback. Grounding This is a Safety Class 1 Product provided with a protective earthing ground incorporated in the power cord.

AVC 796 HA (8CH Full 960H DVR)

Custom Setting Click to choose the language of this program. Collegamenti E Impostazioni It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Assign a new name to the camera up to six characters letters or symbols or numbers.


Function Description 1 Home 2 Config. Click one of the number to switch to the channel you want to see in full screen.

Spesifikasi Avtech AVC H, DVR 8 Channel Full H Push Video

File Path Assign the location where the backup files are saved. Connection And Setup Get the upgrade files from your distributor, and save the upgrade files in your USB flash device do not change the file name.

Normal Camera Connection Appendix 9 Dvd Writer Installation Software Con Licenza Forniti Before the DVR is powered on, make sure the cameras are connected and power-supplied for the detection of the camera video system to be correct.

Please ddvr to allow the web browser ActiveX or applet in the pop-out message. Backup Disco solo Modelli Selezionati PIN 9 is Alarm The DVR will automatically detect the video system of the camera, please make sure that the cameras are properly connected to the DVR and power-supplied before the DVR is turned on.