Nepal has a free trade agreement with India (the Indo-Nepal treaty of trade, signed in ). Nepal is a member of the South Asian Free Trade. Nepal urges India Inc to invest more, says BIPA being ratified Promotion and Protection Agreement which will provide more comfort to investors, Location of Nepal in the middle of two thriving economies of the world (India. देश. सम्झौताको शिर्षक, सम्झौता भएको मिति. India, Agreement between the Government of Nepal and the Government of India for the Promotion .

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In his minute one-on-one with his Indian counterpart, Singh expressed his concerns over the peace process, security issues and economic cooperation. Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines by marking them offensive.

However, BIPPA is not panacea for all betwedn ills and a substitute for real policy reform domestically that could increase foreign and domestic investments. Nepal can also come with separate IP court, not immediately, but in future.

The BIPPA has definitely given more confidence to Indian investors on investment protection and have shielded them from losses due to arbitrary policy changes.

Prime Minister Baburam in India: Agreements Signed and Some Photos Clicked

Location of Nepal in the middle of two thriving economies of the world India and China offers a great advantage to potential investors,” Bhandari said at the conference organised by business chambers CII, Ficci and Assocham.

After talks with Indian PM Manmohan Singh and other top leaders, Bhattarai said groundwork has been laid to build a new relationship between Nepal and India. While Nepal has large markets enveloping it and the BIPPA has guaranteed investment certainty to some extent at the policy level, it urgently needs to fix the others factors restraining investment.

PM asks India to support peace process Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai has called on India for its goodwill and support for the completion of the peace and constitution-writing processes in Bipps. In case of nationalization or expropriation of investment, nondiscriminatory compensation is guaranteed. It will hand its proposal in a year.

Post your views Cancel reply Enter your comment here It guarantees rights of foreign investors, and ensures them fair and equitable treatment, security, and dispute resolution mechanism. While the private sector has openly welcomed BIPPA, selfish political leaders are politicizing it to make themselves heard by hook or by crook. neoal


InvestNepal – Resources – Treaties and Agreements

In principle, nepaal ensures reciprocal encouragement, promotion and protection of investments, thus enabling conditions conducive to increase investment by investors. The agreement seeks to promote and protect investments from either country in the other’s country, with the ultimate objective of increasing bilateral investment flow.

India responded positively, according to officials. The impact is higher in countries with weak domestic institutions because investors feel relatively more confident investing in the country following investment protection agreements.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The contracting parties are obliged to treat investments at least as favorably as they do to domestic and third party foreign investments.

In the absence of proper domestic laws and negotiating skills on the part of the developing countries, they are not able to benefit from favorable provisions inside the IP system.

Treaties and Agreements

The PM said he was much impressed by the consistency of messaging by all the Indian leaders, which showed their common betseen. In whichever way the leaders might justify their claims, the fact is that all these illogical and inconsistent assertions against BIPPA are being raised to score political points, which at times are against our national economic interests of stimulating growth and generating more jobs and employment opportunities. On the busy second day of his visit to India, Nepalese PM Indua Bhattarai held wide-ranging talks bftween PM Manmohan Singh, in which the issue of the ongoing peace process and proposed formula integration of Maoist combatants into the Nepal army figured prominently.

Indian copyright law is comprehensive, with detailed and clearer provisions for assignment, mode of assignment, disputes with respect to assignment.

He also visited Rajghat. Mepal breaking Nepal-India BIPPA down to the simplest terms, let me at the outset argue that most of the remonstrations have been outright illogical, misinformed, and pitched to score political points.

The EPG will also look into broader bilateral issues, such as border and economy. It will carry a concessional rate of interest of 1. But the national laws differ according to the need and demand of their respective nation.


This addresses the confusion regarding if we will have to compensate for events internal to firms such as labor strikes and supply-side issues such as increase in cost or decrease in profits or increase in losses resulting from load-shedding.

But, the momentum was lost after the revision of the treaty in There is no reason to make a hue and cry without understanding the clauses and implications of the treaty. It is very important to betwfen awareness about Intellectual Property, as IP plays an important role in atreement economy of the country. IndiaNepalPublic Policy.

I suggest the government should come out with strong IP Policy before signing a similar Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection agreement with China. The pace of export growth between and nwpal around 10 percent and it was more or less stunted after Now share the story Too bad.

Keeping nelal of opposition aside for the moment, policy makers still have no clues as to what form of protection they want strengthened in order to inia economic development. At present there is a need of provision IP laws regarding alternative dispute resolution, so that disputes can be settled through negotiations. The treaty regimes guide the patterns of relations between any two countries. Notify me of new posts via email. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

India has been seeking assurance from the Nepalese government for the safety of the GMR’s workers and staff on the Upper Karnali and Upper Marshyangdi atreement power projects. Additionally, while the interpretation of these provisions is subject to contention, it should be realized the scope of the definition of these issues apply equally bbetween investments in both countries. Sharma Oli created a row by saying that Bhattarai kept the Nepalese political parties in the dark over the agreement.

In Nepal, we have the IP laws but they are below the standards.