You can spend days, if not weeks, creating awesome memories in Algonquin Park. There are over kms of canoe routes and hundreds of lakes and. With 29 access points and over kms of canoe routes, Algonquin Park offers a lifetime of canoe trips. From white-water rivers to tiny trout. With years of experience Voyageur Quest knows of the best canoe route locations to paddle and camp within Algonquin Park.

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If you can, consider a spring paddling trip around the first few weeks of May. Yes, I believe Magnetawan Lake is the one with the long dock and nice outhouse! The farther you go in the better to avoid people.

Access point 6 Algojquin With our kids we used to then do day trips to other lakes from there and take a lunch. This trip can be combined with other routes to make it a longer voyage.

Official Canoe Routes Map of Algonquin Park

Date December 14, It should take days to complete this trip. If the conditions are terrible, you can hire a water taxi and put in at Proulx. Putting in on Magnetawan Lake you could camp right there though it’s a small lake, no 2-hour paddleor do altonquin couple of portages to get into Ralph Bice Lake or Daisy Lake.

One algonquon my favorites is galeairy lake acces point 13 where I rent a canoe in whitney east gate motelthey leave it at the lake for me and off I go.


Your ability to navigate the ponds, lakes and rivers of Algonquin also depends on your current a,gonquin level and the pace you want to take. TripAdvisor LLC is not responsible for content on external web sites. I only did the Tim River algonqujn and it was awful, low water levels that year meant climbing in and out of the canoe with bugs eating you.

If you are unfamiliar with the Park, let us help you plan a suitable route. What to pack The main things to remember when preparing for a multi-day canoeing trip is to bring quality waterproof gear and to pack light. Albany River, and have a pre-arranged ride back to your vehicle.

25 Incredible Ontario Canoe Routes You Need to Paddle – Explore Magazine

The map shows three portages: Log in Join Recently viewed Bookings Inbox. How hard do you want to go? This is a wilderness river, known ccanoe have some awesome early-season whitewater. Your journey is going to include portages which are a part of every route in the Park. Rain Lake and Magnetawan Lake offer either short portages or no portages and since they aren’t along the Hwy 60 corridor, they aren’t quite as pari.

algonquin park canoe trip suggestions – Algonquin Provincial Park Forum – TripAdvisor

Plan your next great adventure with algpnquin Those that are comfortable with the route might accomplish the trip in three days, or even two. Of all the lakes in this part of the park including all the ones I’ve mentioned, only Rain Lake allows motorboats at all, and with a 10 horsepower maximum. This is a loop trip. And yes I’ve gone from Magnetawan to Daisy several times. Kearney is about a 30 minute drive from Huntsville ; the access point is about a 30 minute drive from algonquiin park office.


But do plan for travel and leisure; and weather. I have planned and been on about 15 backcountry trips to algonquin park. You can order these books on-line at www.

The longest portage is metres. About five to seven days, depending on the route you decide to take. If you would like more detailed descriptions, please call us, at 1. This route is shorter and passes by three large waterfalls. There are a few on Canisby and quite a few from the Rock Lake access point.

Take the standard bear precautions wherever you camp. The weather can affect your travel time; the wind can be friend or foe. There are four portages, but they are relatively easy. I am really preferable to island sites if you guys know any good ones that you pak recall?

Ralph Bice can be notoriously windy but has some nice island campsites, I find Daisy more pretty and I’ve seen moose there, as well as east of rutes along the Petawawa River. Remember that this is a holiday, not a race. Click here to learn more.