Full Circle (Wicca: Sweep, book 14) by Cate Tiernan – book cover, description, publication history. Mar 19, Hunter, Morgan, and Alisa. Together the three worked to defeat the most unspeakable evil known to witches. Now the danger they face is just. Full Circle is the 14th book in the Sweep series. It is written from both Hunter and Morgan’s points of view. Full Circle was first published on September 30,

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All hunter does is clench his teeth in anger but we never hear about his heart beating faster or the feeling of his teeth grinding together. At the woods he saw Patrice basically striping circlee coven member of there powers and almost killing the coven member. The Goddess holds me In her arms.

What I like about the series is that we see Morgan gain confidence as she grows into her powers. Then I went back to New York Manhattan and got a job in publishing and started writing.

Trying to find our reading spot in the dark. But that’s another review, and another reading. Circe I do like that they have the kind of relationship where they are supportive of each other one moment and then the next, they can be bickering like an old married couple.

I swallow and try to press forward, crashing clumsily through the trees and bushes, slapping the vines aside. I love the idea. Hunter, Morgan, and Alisa. Jan 07, Lauren Hemmelgarn rated it really liked it. Oct 24, Linda rated it it was amazing. The second plot point has no real relevance that I can see. Morgan puts the same weight of importance on attempts on her life and her weak sauce romance.

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One more book to go now, the sort of standalone end to the series Night’s Child! I also like the fact that even though care grew up in a Catholic family and her family stayed that waythe author did not disparage the religion in any way.

Anything to get off this rocky shore, where I feel so vulnerable, so alone. There’s no other way to wrap up this book other than saying that this series is ridiculously and pointlessly long, and over half the book I just kept mentally repeating “when. So Hunter goes with his father and fulll to Patrice house to cqte if there is anything suspicious.

To start with, there are fifteen books to the series.

Full Circle

All the same, I wasn’t able to fall back asleep. And oh, Hunter, your rage drives me wild! Actual rating – 2. There was a lot of frenetic energy there, and sometimes that felt very wearing and hard to live with.

Now, the danger they face is just as deadly. Also I liked the plot of the book. Circke the life out of Selene. Even if the paranormal blood witches did exist in addition to regular Wiccans, and they mingled nicely. With the help of Cal, she discovers her powers and discovered some shocking secrets about her past that put her on a quest to find her roots.


The idea that the whole battle for Morgan are finally finished is satisfing. I felt that the way Hunter was presented showed a conflicted teenage boy who didn’t know what to do, other than wanting to do the right thing.

Hunter feels stifled by the small town world of Widow’s Vale. So when Morgan begins having nightmares she ignores them at first. The bottom line is that if you’ve liked the series so far, you are pretty much going to like this book.

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In this, we get both Hunter’s and Morgan’s point of view. I ease my way through closely grown trees, step over fallen logs and thigh-high vines blocking the way.

What I loved about this novel was the fact that the author wrote like she had in first few novels.