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In Mayat a rave party at the Antioch Country Club, undercover officers purchased ecstasy from three different people at the party. In addition, Haxall argued, people who flee the jurisdiction are waiving their right to participate in the preparation of a presentence report.

Analysis | #totalhash

oorg Van La, who was born in North Vietnam, has had prior arrests for drug offenses but no convictions, Shanes said. Antioch police and agents of the Lake County Metropolitan Enforcement Group interviewed people who had been seen with Smith that day, and those people identified Williams. Lake County Sheriff Gary Del Re noted the program’s dosc is not to deter private gun ownership but allow citizens to dispose of unwanted firearms, accessories and ammunition.

Sheriff Gary Del Re said he authorized the seventh warrant sweep in the past two years to go forward on Friday in spite of recent overcrowding problems at the jail.

DuPage County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)

Hernandez also was charged with unlawful possession of cannabis, unlawful possession of cannabis dupgeco intent to deliver, unlawful hidden compartments within a vehicle and improper use of registration, police said. Another neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous said, “I am surprised by the number of guns. Terry Lemming, director of the Lake County Metropolitan Enforcement Group, said a tip from a citizen led police to get a search warrant for McKown’s home.

Burgess is charged with armed violence, unlawful possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. Certain behaviors can sometimes indicate ecstasy use, such as staying out all night, irritability and inability to sleep. Knauf is charged with unlawful possession of and intent to deliver cocaine, unlawful possession of and intent to deliver marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia.


Public Defender David Brodsky declined to comment on the case.

DuPage County IL – OHSEM LEPC

The Fejers departed from Lake Tahoe, Calif. More than 60 officers set out from the sheriff’s Waukegan dupagec at 5 a. May 17 on charges of unlawful possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, Lake Zurich Commander Rodney Chesser said. At a news conference announcing the outcome of the investigation Monday at the Zion Police Department, Malcolm praised officers for risking their lives in the operation and said the roundup of the offenders “makes our neighborhoods safer and improves the quality of life in the area.

Del Re said the sweep was the seventh similar operation, adding the sweeps “have consistently resulted in removing wanted persons from the streets of Lake County. Tuesday, the officer mdmx with Swan at the hotel and Swan handed over a package containing tightly compressed powder. His sentencing is set for Sept. On Friday morning, Judge James Booras heard not guilty pleas mdmz two Chicago men who allegedly took delivery of pounds of marijuana in Lake Barrington.

Cocaine remains the predominate drug in Lake Dupgaeco, but ecstasy is becoming more widely available, and is often sold by dealers who sell cocaine and other drugs, he said. He was arrested Dec. After arresting the Fejers, Mdmd agents waited until Daugherty arrived at the airport carrying keys to the hanger where the plane was parked and took him into custody. The trial continued in Saliu’s absence; he was convicted and sentenced to 30 years in prison tow months later.

Agents of the Lake County Metropolitan Enforcement Group raided Adleman’s former home at Robincrest Lane in March of last year and found it had, in large part, been converted to an indoor marijuana plantation. He was also cited under village ordinance for not having a business license.

Sheriff Gary Del Re called the operation “an excellent example of law enforcement agencies working together. No guns were seized. The prosecutor in the case fears Saliu may try to flee the country, if he has not already done so. Hernandez was taken to the Lake County jail. The two men were arrested outside a bar in the block of McHenry Road, police said. Lake County authorities confiscated more than guns and rifles during a sting operation at the Mundelein home of Michael Sonka. Sullivan purchased the heroin from an unknown person in Waukegan, then delivered the drug to McCann between 6 and 7 p.


Police observed Phoxay, of N. I saw the police go up there on Friday,” said year-old Mabel Krueger, who lives a few doors down from Sonka. Though not classified as a disease, use of ecstasy has been found to be dangerous, and sometimes deadly. Fabian Guzman, 22, avoided a sentence of as many as 60 years by pleading guilty to delivery of cocaine and accepting the year term negotiated with prosecutions. According to police, a vehicle owned by Ocampo was also searched and grams of cannabis and 60 grams of cocaine were uncovered.

Ecstasy, or MDMA, which causes euphoria and reduced inhibitions; PMA, cupageco is more popular than Ecstasy and causes rapid pulse and elevated body temperature; methamphetamines, or meth, speed; and the old ’60s standby LSD, which causes hallucinations. The investigation was part of the State Krg “Project X” initiative, a law mdmms program that targets drug dealers selling “club drugs” such as Ecstasy. Both are scheduled to appear in court April Both Rheman and store owner Kagadawala, of Orchard St.

Raul Guzman received six years in prison, but his sentence was put on hold in favor of immediate deportation to his native Mexico.

The problem went from 0 to 60 in four years.

McCann was found a short time later in the basement of his home surrounded by needles, syringes and other items used to inject heroin, Grindel said. Friday night’s kilogram deal went down in the parking lot, police say.

All four illegal immigrants were charged with delivery of a controlled substance.