by Frédéric Lordon. Paperback; Ebook; Hardback. Paperback. Paperback with free ebook. $$% off. pages / June / Thomas Piketty’s thousand-page economics bestseller reduces capital to mere wealth — leaving out its political impact on social and economic (). Willing Slaves Of Capital: Spinoza And Marx On Desire [Frederic Lordon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Why do people work for other .

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Spinoza and Marx on Desire amongst many other works. Redundant workers probably suffer less from seeing the rich parade their wealth than from the way their lives have been wrecked by the iron law of financial valuation. One thing is for sure: In the first chapter, Lordon discusses the founding logic of ffederic process: The conatus of capital took two heterogenous forms. Those who claim to be serious and are keen to maintain their influence and their reputation in the media never mention such things.

Abhijeet Paul reviews Frédéric Lordon’s Willing Slaves of Capital – Critical Inquiry

There is no account of the key role frederuc the socialist governments of the time, the management revolution or the elimination of political and economic differences between leftwing and rightwing elites.

Le Monde diplomatique in French: In his desire for generalised peace — between capital and labour, the peace of the Lordon’s work is an attempt to integrate Spinoza ‘s concepts, such as conatusinto the study of political economy.

That would be too much for him: As has always been the case, the issues will be resolved by events, in an unpredictable way. The conclusion to be drawn from this analysis is not that we should have been content simply to save the banks.


This group is a collection of economists who are inclined towards rejecting conventional economic doctrines, including popular ones such as the efficient market hypothesis.

He greeted the financial crisis with a four-act play in rhyming alexandrines, the bankers explaining the tragi-comedy of their subprime losses to the President of the Republic and ministers of state. And while the right could and perhaps even should die, the left is made of sterner stuff.

Born inLordon grew up in a logdon western suburb of Paris, his father an executive in the textile sector. Lordon seems to suggest that, while the local is not outside the scope of work and alienation and therefore the material production of life, it certainly has the power to counter master-desire and the phenomenon of co-linearization.

The future belongs to it.

A Structuralism of Feeling? Alberto Toscano on Frédéric Lordon

To ignore these minimal traits of political freedric is to succumb to illusion. The concern of a Spinozist social science is thus, in his words: They are helpless against their despotic employers, who are well aware that dividing them linguistically makes it easier to rule them.

Willing Slaves of Capital is a bold proposal to rethink capitalism and its transcendence on the basis fredric the contemporary experience of work.

And only academics could disdain anything that takes place at national level, that is to say almost all of the real — as opposed to the imaginary — struggles that take place.

It stands for true equality and democracy. The media, controlled by their shareholders, did not misjudge Piketty. If we accept that banks occupy such a sensitive position in the overall structure of capitalism that their excesses fredetic force kordon to choose between paying for their rescue or perishing along with them, it follows, first, that the banks are effectively holding us hostage, and second, that the left, seeing the inevitable consequences of this situation, must take steps to change it.


On a French television show in February, he refused to say whether he was a leftwing or a rightwing economist.

Willing Slaves of Capital. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Politics in a Time of Crisis. Lordon interviewed some of the main players in autumnwhen the wounds were still raw, and incorporated his findings in La Politique du capitalpublished by Odile Jacob: If society continues to be dependent on capital for its loreon needs, and capital continues to do as it pleases with issues that are crucial to society, then society must protect its higher interests by laying down the conditions under which it will tolerate this situation.

When access to money is essential for survival, and the only means of access is working for a salary, it is clear that, ultimately, being a salaried worker is like having a gun to your head. Perhaps we should be worrying about something else?

Economist Frédéric Lordon – Biography, Theories and Books

And everyone believed him. Piketty takes a thousand pages to conclude that the choice is between a global tax and isolationism. Reviewed by Abhijeet Paul In the three chapters—more like three theses—Lordon explores the reasons for our general desire to be enslaved by modern work and the workplace He is aware that a well-known author has written a book about it before him.

The remaining issue is freseric this relationship with capital should be adopted at national, European or some other level. Frsderic economists, driven by the need to publish, have unlearned the skill of writing books.