In this tutorial we’ll show you everything you’ll need to get up and running with HikaShop. You can also read our tutorials on other Joomla ecommerce solutions: . HikaShop is an e-commerce extension for Joomla! It is built for simplicity and flexibility. It has a wide range of marketing tools and powerful statistics to. HikaShop is fully integrated with Joomla and you can get started In this tutorial, we have four videos to get you up and running with Hikashop.

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There is a default, top level called Product Categories and you can add all your products there.

The plan is what your customer will subscription and the subscription is the relation between the plan and the customer. For more details about the other settings, you can see the global configuration documentation page.

The Joomlashack Blog

New window with navigation: If you want different prices for different quantities, you can set that in the price panel. After, go in the ” Product data display ” part and in the Product features display ” part, change following parameters: Edit your Text view with this Html code: The text view will allow you to write some text to add legend to guide customers, or separate the different views, etc. This can be configure just by clicking on it to define the way tutoial display the menu, let’s make an example with the Div version.

Let’s add parameters for this new shipping price. First, to use the mass actions you have to click on the menu “System” then “Mass actions”. However, you do have to learn some new ideas on how to enter products.

Enable many vendors on your website. Just below the link, an option called Target Window able you to define how the link will works. Here, edit the product for which you want to define a specific shipping price and click on its name. Click the Add nikashop. In your cart, you have two products and you set 1 in your ” Price per product ” input value.


How to Use the Hikashop Extension in Joomla

Click Add to add a Characteristic after you’ve navigated to the correct section. Price – I added a discount for buying 20 or more shirts Variants – three colors three sizes Options – two options with an up charge for each.

You can have different products selling the same plan but with different duration. Each configuration is a specific image for one or several packs. To learn hiksahop about these parameters here. In case of a fixed list of data, you do not need to use a serial generator and Tuttorial will pick up the information directly from what you have imported.

Once HikaSerial installed, his menu would be merged with the HikaShop menu.

HikaShop – Ecommerce for Joomla – Joomlashack

The modules options are roughly the same as the options for the menu items so we invite you to check the Menus options Index section. Hikashop add Characteristics Tutorial. Depending the order statustuyorial subscription will be active or not. Content display on the front end. This plugin is listed with other HikaSerial plugins.

The next panel in line on the product entry page is for Related Products.

An Item Menu is display on the front end in order to create a new link with the Title Item Menu, and leads to content. At this moment, you have to use the ” coupon generator ” and not the “random generator”. Don’t be surprised it this configuration page is different in some. EAN generator for creating random code which can be display as a 3D Barcode. Your accountand choose your ” Menu Item Type “.

In this part, we will create a new Item Menu from “nothing”, that will be useful if you want to create a new kind of menu, meaning different from HikaShop installed menu items. If you your ” Shipping prices ” area isn’t displayed while you have enabled the required plugin and set the price per product setting to ” Yes ” in your shipping ttorial, check if you have set a warehouse for your product that doesn’t match with the shipping method’s warehouse setting.


These mass actions will tutorual you to process almost everything in Hikashop, directly from this screen or hikashkp on a specific trigger. We worked hard on this evolution in order to allow you more liberty in the way you can setup your checkout. Project or Open Source Matters. And so, to understand how each module belongs to Joomla!

HikaShop – HikaSubscription Tutorial

So you can also create instances for these plugins if you want to add an image or a PDF in the confirmation emails. If I highlighted Joomla Products, the list would be blank. But you want one shirt to be listed when your customers browse your shop.

HikaShop is a relatively new shopping cart for Joomla. With that configuration, 2 different shipping prices will be displayed and the shipping price will change based on how much of that product the customer put in the cart:.

Buying multiple products in the same order will extend more the duration of the selected subscription. With the Business edition of HikaShop, you will have an additional column named “Access level” where you will be able to limit a price to a group of users.

For full Hikashop training, see: Business Edition Only – Access tutorkal If you want to sell gift certificates, you could use one coupon generator and use the product cost be the value of the generated coupon.