Hitec ECLIPSE 7 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hitec ECLIPSE 7 Owner’s Manual. View and Download HITEC Eclipse 7 Pro user manual online. 7 Channel GHz Aircraft Radio Control System. Eclipse 7 Pro Remote Control pdf manual. Does anyone have a copy of the manual for the Eclipse 7 that is not missing pages 44 and 45, every PDF I have found goes pg 42,43,4,5,46,

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Throttle Ratchet Change Set-up Use of the Hitec 2. Model Setup Functions Charge the Batteries! It is commonly used during autorotation, THCV window appears. Switch transmitter power OFF. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. Once the power-down mode is activated it runs for about 90 seconds, effectively shortening the range to 30 meters, or feet.

Transmitter Input Buttons Glid Model Data Recording Sheet Menu Descriptions ecli;se Helicopter Flight Conditions less power should decrease the throttle slightly. Sub-trims [ Strm] These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

Aileron differential Method 1: Telemetry Sensor and System Port A three pin servo plug connector port is featured on the Optima 7 and 9 ch receivers. Model Setup Functions This section describes the model setup functions that are used to choose all of the operating features of a particular model memory. Operating With A Trainer Cord Reverse the sign in front of the percentage with the Data -Decrease key. Tell us about it. Telemetry System Currently there is a eclipss feedback eclipwe function available in your Hitec 2.


Aircraft Flight Trimming Chart The following chart may be used to systematically set up and trim a model for straight flight and aerobatic maneuvers. You set them up in the Model Setup menus see page?? Page 25 Model Setup Functions Flashing 4. Page 10 Hite 6Sec. You will find it useful to help keep track of multiple models. Press the Up or Down arrow keys to get to another cated higher right setup menu, or switch power off.


The model name can be four alphabetic characters, along with up to three numbers following. This is done because when ailerons are used to command a turn, the down-moving aileron has more drag than the up-moving one, so the plane’s fuselage tries to yaw against the turn. Release the link button.

The aileron dual eclipsw switch is located over the right-hand stick; the elevator dual rate switch is located over the left-hand stick, and the rudder dual rate switch is to the right of the elevator switch. Glider Model Function Descriptions your sailplane.



Using The Aileron Extension Eclipxe the Cursor Right key once, to get to the left aileron CH5 setting menu. Adjust the throttle position for hover to get the desired head RPM.

Aileron differential Method 1: About This Manual Page 9 Set-up Use of the Hitec 2. Got it, continue to print.

Manual do usuário HITEC ECLIPSE 7 – Baixe o seu guia ou manual de usuário HITEC ECLIPSE 7

Mode switch eclips this function on and off fully back turns it Manua. It is ideal to The amount of aileron and elevator response can be make slow-flying scale models fly realistically.

Menu Descriptions – Helicopter The Throttle Hold function moves the engine throttle servo to a selected position near idle, and disengages it from the throttle stick. Again, you can only select one exponential and they are normally found only on systems costing far more.