Kenneth Patchen (December 13, – January 8, ) was an American poet and novelist. He experimented with different forms of writing and incorporated. American poet and novelist, Kenneth Patchen, was largely self-taught and never seemed to gain widespread recognition from the prominent literary critics or. Kenneth Patchen (–) was a poet and novelist. Born the son of a steelworker in Niles, Ohio, Patchen suffered an early tragedy when his younger sister.

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I was intrigued and deeply moved by the poem itself and by the kenndth it was performed and set to music. Musical collaborations and recordings.

A bit of grass held between the te wind. Inwhile Patchen was still a teenager, his younger sister Kathleen was struck and killed by an automobile. I remember you would put daisies On the windowsill at night and in The morning they’d be so covered with soot You couldn’t tell what they were anymore.

First Patchen took her to meet his parents in Youngstown. After the appearance of his first book, he and Miriam traveled to the Southwest and then moved to Hollywood inwhere he tried, unsuccessfully, writing film scripts and worked for the WPA.


Bottom Dog Press This description, which Patchen rejected, never stuck, since his work varied widely in subject, style and form. The snow is deep on the ground. Or maybe you’ve missed it. Delivering Poems Around The World.

Kenneth Patchen – Poet | Academy of American Poets

First printed inbut, owing to pztchen errors, all but a small number of the printing were destroyed; 1, copies were produced in the second print run. The war has failed. Inhe sued his surgeon for medical malpractice and lost. Archived from the original on July 13, Inthe National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities presented Patchen with an award for a “life-long contribution to American letters.

Did you read them?

I’m ready to buy old book of him. Inhe won the Ohioana Award for his book Cloth of the Tempest. Academy of American Poets Educator Newsletter.

To make it short.

But you and I can e To see angels in the meadowgrass t Like cows – And wherever we are in paradise. Let Us Have Madness. This description, which Patchen rejected, never stuck since his work varied widely in subject, style and form.

Kenneth Patchen – Poems, Biography, Quotes

I was born angr. All information has been reproduced here for educational and informational purposes to benefit site visitors, and is provided at no charge He died in Palo Alto on January 8, Archived from the original on Patcheh 29, I had two wonderful poems of him that I lost. The Dove walks with sticky feet Upon the green crowns of the almon Its feathers smeared over with war Like honey That dips lazily down into the sha.


In the late s Moe Asch of Folkways Records recorded Patchen reading his poetry and excerpts from one of his novels.

Unfortunately I don’t understand all of it Patcyen Germanso I’d be very happy if someone could post it here. Cummings that began when they were both living in Greenwich Village in the s. A Collection of Essays Perhaps most notably, Patchen engaged in the visual arts, creating painted poems throughout his career.

Kenneth Patchen

Come near me now. One reviewer even accused Patchen of being “naive,” a common criticism aimed at his work, particularly regarding his fervent pacifist beliefs.

I had hoped to find Patchen’s poem which had sledding in it- -no, not the light it’s fun in the snow kind of poem but about human darkness.

Patchen’s work has received little attention from academic critics.