New Saucerian proudly presents “My Visit to Venus,” the rarest of T. Lobsang Rampa’s books. It was rescued from the dustbin by Gray Barker, who provides an . Dr T Lobsang Rampa My Visit to Venus. Forword by John A. Keel Did T. Lobsang Rampa actually go buzzing through the solar system in a flying saucer? Or was. Written by T. Lobsang Rampa, narrated by Steve White. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial.

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Is it not worth a glance? So that we could gaze upon the sun, the Broad One caused a dark shield to cover part of the screen. Man, we were told, was certainly not the highest form of ym, and these people, these guardians, worked for creatures of all kinds, not merely for man. Emily Rosewater added it Sep 01, Inin England, a struggling British writer named Cyril Hoskin told his astonished wife that he had decided to change his name.

Open Preview See a Problem? We saw also the mighty civilizations which flourished un-believable eons before Poseidon, before Atlantis and Lemuria.

This book demands a heavy suspension of disbelief, given that we now have knowledge of Lobsang Rampa’s background and that no human being could ever be in Venus at least not in the 70’s. Nicole rated it really liked it Sep 12, I felt as if we were a seven-year-old about to enter a lamasery for the first time.

I had lived with my husband for eight years and knew that if he had a hunch to do anything at all there was always a good reason for it.

We looked about, and we could see out as if there were no walls at all, and yet we knew that those walls were as solid as metal, a metal harder than anything we knew. Ahead of us was a huge ball, turning lazily in the black sea of space, a ball completely covered in white fleecy clouds, a ball which reminded me of thistledown floating against a black sky.

Because no government would confirm their personal theories, they assumed the governments of the world were engaged in a massive cover-up. Here we were stopped, dumfounded with amazement; the clearing before us was vast, and incredible. In the interval between seeing him and receiving his letter I had been for other interviews and had been rejected. We, following the example of my Guide, the Lama Mingyar Dondup, turned first to the Tall One, touching our right hand to our heart before bowing and turning away to follow the Broad One.


My Visit to Venus

Our potentialities of being surprised had ended. Harry Houdini saved his flagging career by exposing some of the many phony spiritualists who claimed they had visited distant planets, particularly Mars.

Faced with repeated accusations in the British press, Lobsang Rampa went to live in Canada rampw the early sixties; he became a Canadian citizen in The experience may seem to be short but when the percipient returns he finds he has been gone for days, weeks, even years. We could see inland lakes, but of cities there was no sign. The Broad One faced a wall and seemed to become re- mote from us as if he were deep in thought for a time.

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However, astronauts gazing back at the earth from deep space did discern peculiar grid marks in North America that suggested some kind of intelligence. About Tuesday Lobsang Rampa. He touched his heart to the Tall One, and for a moment they looked at each other while a message passed between them. rmapa

Kimberly Wyke marked it as to-read Mar 11, Lobssng than 20 years after his death, Rampa’s writings still manage to touch the heart with their uncannily realistic stories about the Astral Plane, the marvels of outer space, and the beauty of the Tibet he loved so much.

What you actually see is a special screen which shows all outside. He was greeting us in the universal language of thought.

And his books have been translated into many languages and are easily obtainable through the various Swedenborgian Foundations and churches around the world. Knowing this, how does one interpret Rampa’s visiy to have seen a time vehus machine buried deep in a mountain cavern or his claim to have interacted with UFOs and their occupants? We know how these space ships work. It saves one climbing. Then there was a dreadful boom, and from afar a mushroom-shaped cloud soared miles to the heavens, a cloud shot with crimson and yellow, as if the very breath of the gods was afire.


My Visit to Venus Audiobook | T. Lobsang Rampa |

I know that I have a special task to do, and I became aware that it would be necessary to come to England for various reasons connected with it. They killed nothing, nor did they restrain animals in order that their milk could be taken. Fruits of various colors, and then pastes in crystal jars. At out last resting place, some five miles behind us, a voice had come into our consciousness: Rampa answered his critics by saying that while he had never been there in his present body, the spirit of a Tibetan lama had entered his body under unusual circumstances.

Overhead, disc-like vehicles soared through the air, soundlessly, effortlessly. The Broad One said. A general history of the abduction phenomenon through history is also included, which helps put Rampa’s experiences in the context of mankind’s age-old hand-in-hand stroll with the unknown.

Dr T Lobsang Rampa My Visit to Venus

As it passed over us we were flattened to the kobsang as if by a very strong wind, as if our weight had surprisingly doubled on the instant. These forces have been given a thousand names over the centuries and have been credited with all kinds of wonders, miracles and catastrophes.

Harmonee S marked it as to-read Feb 17, Mars was lobsanh favorite of the Sunday supplements because bearded astronomers of great repute claimed they could see broad canals and even cities on the faraway body. Here, nearly thirty thousand feet above the sea, in the Chang Tang Highlands of Tibet, we were toiling upwards, upwards. Frozen pellets of ice driven by the howling gale hammered like bullets into our flapping robes and tore the skin off any exposed surface.

Inside the vessel he led us to a room with seats along the wall. The two giant entities plucked Enoch from his bed and escorted him into outer space where, during the next sixty days, they gave him a guided tour of ten different worlds. A Kritzer rated it liked it Apr 01,