As it marks the 50th anniversary since its conception, Geberit Mapress is today But it wasn’t until the German corporation Mannesmann AG acquired the rights. In the newly established. Mannesmann Pressfitting GmbH. (Mapress) in Langenfeld began manu- facturing and marketing steel pressfit- tings and pipes. Tech Bulletin – Insulation of press fittings (e.g. Mannesmann mapress) with AF/Armaflex (alias). Internet FAQ. Hide details for Categories Categories.

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At the same time, the pleated end with the seal ring was crimped snugly on the pipe, thereby ensuring a permanently sealed joint. The defined jaw guide on the Geberit Mapress Copper fitting ensures that the pressing jaw is positioned in exactly the right position.

During this process the ring absorbs additional energy for ,annesmann and reliable tightness.

Importer and distributor of all Geberit pipe systems to the United States and Canada. The fittings were pushed over a deburred metal pipe by hand and could then be pressed using the pressing tool.

We are an Electrical and Industrial wholesaler here in Sydney,Australia we cover most Marine, Industrial and Electrical products used throughout Australia and More information can be found in our privacy policy.

Seal ring Unpressed Geberit Mapress Copper fitting detection The Geberit Mapress seal ring provides the pressing indicator with additional safety. Geberit recommends using copper pipe in accordance with EN Celebrating 50 years of Mapress — the evolving pressfitting innovation.


The pressing procedure itself is fast and simple: The weld seam processing has to meet Geberit’s stringent quality demands. This brand was visited by 20 users in the last 30 days. Homogeneous material structure Thermally perfect weld seam execution Particularly in the seal ring contact surface area, the clean weld seam contributes significantly to ensuring the system’s permanent tightness and to cutting susceptibility to corrosion. More information can be found in our privacy policy.

The pressing indicator can be simply removed manually after the correct pressing operation. Home Mannesmmann Us BE: The weld seam processing has to meet Geberit’s stringent quality demands. They can be distinguished from other fittings through their yellow marking and yellow protection plug. The effective treatment ensures both optimum formability and also the necessary long-term tightness. Faster connection Pressing instead of welding or soldering Pressing is not only straightforward, but also fast mannes,ann in fact, it’s around twice as fast as welding or soldering.

Mannesmann Mapress brand information This brand was visited by 20 users in the last 30 days.

Geberit Mapress Carbon Steel

Mechanical strength Wide range of applications The coordinated components lend the system a high load bearing capacity.

Geberit Mapress Copper Tried-and-tested material for pressing. Manmesmann dawn of the new millennium brought with it the introduction of the contour seal, with a pressure test easily determining whether mapresss joints had been left unpressed during installation. This results in the pipes and fittings behaving uniformly during the pressing operation.


The different O-rings and pipe sizes available make Geberit Mapress the right choice for an extremely wide range of applications.

Geberit Mapress Carbon Steel press-fit system | Geberit UK

This prevents failed pressing sequences and ensures reliable and durable connections. This site uses cookies. Faster connection Pressing instead of welding Pressing is ampress only straightforward, but also fast — in fact, it’s around twice as fast as soldering.

It helps to cut the costs of vessels maintenance. Maritime valves, remote controlled valves, pipes, fittings and parts for maritime use.

Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel

Geberit Mapress Carbon Steel The first choice for mapreas circuits. During the pressing procedure, the seal ring is given a pre-defined shape by the pressing jaw of the Geberit Mapress pressing tools. A special thermal treatment ensures a homogenous material structure and thereby an optimum pressing operation. Many good reasons for Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel.