View and Download ABB ACS user manual online. ACS Inverter pdf manual download. Document library, contact your local ABB representative. FENA/ Ethernet adapter module user’s manual ACS, ACS and ACS ABB ACS Users Guide – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read book ACS Drives 22 kW 30 HP User’s Manual.

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The DCU profile extends the control and status interface to 32 bits. Supervisions The drive monitors whether certain user selectable variables are within the user-defined limits. Actual Signals Actual signals Several actual signals are available: Determine the required maximum braking power P for the application.

Fieldbus adapter is connected to drive terminal X3. Counts up Counter direction selection through digital input DI1. Control can also be switched to speed control using a digital input. Ads350 Check the label of your drive shows the valid markings Before installation The ACS may be installed on the wall or in a cabinet. How to perform the guided start-up To be able to perform the guided start-up, you need the Assistant Control Panel.

Example Example The drive runs a conveyor line. Start, stop, direction so The construction of frame sizes R0…R4 varies to some extent. Flux Optimisation Flux Optimisation Flux Optimisation reduces the total energy consumption and motor noise level when the drive operates below the nominal load.

Symbols Input continuous rms input current for dimensioning cables and fuses Output continuous rms current. Fuses must be used with other circuit breakers.


Drive is accelerated to 20 Hz with 60 s ramp time. Terms and abbreviations Term Definition Actual signal Signal measured or calculated by the drive.

DCU communication profile Because mahual DCU profile extends the control and status interface to 32 bits, two different signals are needed for both the control and and status and words. Constant speeds are selected with digital inputs. The same settings must be used in all on-line stations. If ignored, physical injury or death may follow, or damage may occur to the drive, motor or driven equipment.

Battery Battery A battery is only used in Assistant Control Panels that have the clock msnual available and enabled. Read chapter Safety the first pages of this manual before you work on the drive. Fieldbus references See section Fieldbus references on page for DCU profile reference selection and correction, reference scaling, reference handling and actual value scaling.

ABB ACS350 – 0.75kW 400V 3ph to 3ph – AC Inverter Drive Speed Controller with Keypad

Page The state diagram below presents the state shift in sequence programming. Page 48 Enter the motor data from the motor nameplate: The motor and control cables are selected as specified in this manual. The minimum input signal runs the motor at the maximum reference in the reverse direction, the maximum input at the maximum reference in the forward direction. If parameter value is set to zero, the trigger is disabled.

Page 72 Output mode In the Output mode, you can: Control Cable Ducts A diagram of the cable routing is shown below. Uploading to the panel stores all drive parameters, including up to three user sets, to the Assistant Control Panel.


Any correction of the reference see section Reference selection and correction on page is applied before scaling. The motor model is now calculated by magnetizing xcs350 motor for 10 to 15 manyal at zero speed.

Example The time scheme below visualises the operation of the sleep function.


Time and Date mode In the Time and Date mode, you can: Pid Control Macro PID Control macro This macro provides parameter settings for closed-loop control systems such as pressure control, flow control, etc. One push button controls the drive through the whole cycle: Amendment A1 Provisions for compliance: If you use other than the default connections presented below, see section terminals on page Torque Control Macro Torque Control macro This macro provides parameter settings for applications that require torque control of the motor.

The macro wiring diagrams for these macros show the connection when a separately powered sensor is used. Installation And Commissioning Flowchart Installation and commissioning flowchart Task Identify the frame size of axs350 drive: Example 2 Example 2: When the motor speed falls below acs3550 sleep level, the counter starts. Battery A battery is only used in Assistant Control Panels that have the clock function available and enabled. Fasten the clamping plate to the plate at the bottom of the drive with the provided screws.

Short circuit If a short circuit occurs, the drive will not start and a fault indication is given.