provide extensive information about AMEDDC&S Pam (). AMEDDC&S Pamphlet No TRAINING The Expert Field Medical Badge ( EFMB) Test THIS PUBLICATION IS FOR REVIEW PURPOSES. AMEDDC&S Pam EFMB Planning Active Army Unit Army Reserve and Deployed Material in (Not Deployed) National Guard Army Unit Appendix E.

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Determined the correct individual movement technique. Check the casualty’s radial pulse.

Q&a | – Leader Development for Army Professionals

Given a conscious casualty who is suffering from a severe loss of body fluids and the necessary materials to initiate treatment for hypovolemic shock. Performed steps 1a through 1f in sequence. Write in the date and time of disposition. Do not use starched BDUs since starch counters the infrared properties of the dyes.

AMEDDC&S Pam 350-10 Training Expert Field Medical Badge (EFMB) Test

Load casualties receiving IV fluids or oxygen on any litter pan, depending on their injuries or condition if applicable. Push in paam the locking block plunger while pushing the barrel forward slightly.

Advance the needle or the catheter. You are in MOPP 4 with individual gear. Rest your weight on your forearms 35-010 lower legs. The candidate will state steps 3a and 3b to the evaluator. Avoid placing it on a contaminated surface if possible. Cover or remove shiny items rings, watches, necklaces.

Label the second card in the upper right corner “DD Form 2. This is the first printing of this publication.



Prioritize, load, and secure three casualties onto a UH helicopter within 20 minutes, in the proper sequence, without causing further injury to the casualties. Place the casualty in the position of comfort on the injured side or in a seated position. Slide bolt into carrier. Pull the slide to the rear. Enter the casualty’s unit of assignment and the country of a,eddc&s armed forces he or she is a member. You must complete steps 1 through 3 within 9 seconds.

Ensure that the head harness is pulled far enough over so that the forehead straps are tight. Scrub skin starting with hands, including back of hand, palm, and fingers. He or she completes the statement of receipt and returns it amedcc&s the TCO within 4 days. Report detailed account of actions, such as, direction of movement, troops digging in, artillery fire, type of attack, and NBC activity. Candidate tells Buddy to step onto his or her jacket as his or her overboots are removed.

Perform a function check. Candidate opens Buddy’s trouser cuffs, waist snap, zipper and, if necessary, waist tabs. Do not give the casualty anything by mouth. Perf W – Perforating wound. Priority Normal High Medium Low. The distance will not exceed 50 meters. Slide the bolt into the carrier until ameddx&s bolt cam pinhole in both the bolt carrier and the bolt are aligned.

Determine the number and type litter or ambulatory of patients. Given a conscious casualty with an open abdominal wound without protruding internal organs and the necessary materials to treat the casualty. NBC contamination line 9. Follow guidance for next two steps by down arrow. Use a hard surface to bend each needle to form a hook without tearing protective gloves or clothing. Correctly performed all performance steps for each performance measure within 5 minutes.


Remove canteen from load-bearing equipment and open canteen cap.

Tapped the forward assist. Tie them on the side of the casualty, opposite that of the dressing ties. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Selected the infusion site. Given a conscious casualty with an open head injury pzm the necessary materials to treat the head injury. Abbreviations and special terms used in this publication are explained in Appendix B.


Correctly performed all performance steps for each performance measure within 20 minutes. Start from the prone position. Reassure the casualty to reduce anxiety. 350-100 the other hand, grasp the barrel assembly with the locking block facing up.

We will never 350-1 or sell your email address, nor will we ever send you information you have not requested. Remove the charging handle. Push in charging handle and bolt carrier group together.