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In this way, the girls become housewives or work as unqualified workers, or they become prostitutes or beggars. It was developed during November — December in 15 localities of Bihor County and it included Roma and non-Roma parents.

Anthony Giddens – Szociológia

A great objective of the project was achieved collaterally, i. This factor facilitates the effectiveness of civil programs and initiatives. Malabar, Florida, Krieger Publ. A social land-lease program by the county authorities encouraged Roma communities to start agricultural initiatives such as poppy seeds cultivating or goat —breeding in other localities as well. There are around 30, Roma in Bihor County. Kritika, 29 9pp. According to Marian Preda, poverty may be considered only a part of the social exclusion, a specific form of exclusion, the financial one.

By combining the two mentioned criteria, we selected the following institutions: But they are expected to write and implement projects, to take part in open competitions, to integrate and modernize themselves, things szocioliba are unrealistic.

It is very important to mention that, in this project, the activities for children were mixed with the activities for the parents. The qualitative techniques will include focus-group interviews with representatives of providers and beneficiaries of adult learning and professional training as well as with representatives of potential employers. F, m Continuing the same idea, another participant expressed his concern that regional distribution of state funding is not always based on territorial proportionality and might be even politically biased: The first part will offer an overview of the situation of NGO sector and of the status of Roma communities in the two neighbor countries.

In the same time we considered important to include institutions bevwzets all three main social sectors: As these organizations are rather young, in most cases their professional level and technical expertise of the NGO- they set up is not at the highest standards, at least as yet.

With this program, a number of children in and in finished the kindergarten. This statement of an NGO manager is very interesting, but it is difficult to apply in everyday life. While in Romania there is a continuous dispute between Roma elites and a permanent contestation of these elites by ordinary members of Roma communities, in Hungary andrka selfgovernment system have led to the attenuation of sources of conflicts within Roma communities.


In the economic sector, Roma suffer the highest rates of unemployment — they are generally the first to be fired and the last to be hired. Project preparation The careful formulation of the project proposal and the several years experience of the applicant organization contributed in a large extent andor,a their success in attracting funding and to the smooth implementation of the project.

Being so poor, they do not have money to fulfill their formal education and professional training. The data analysis showed that the problems of the Szociolgiiba are related to: The last theme of the focus group was to identify solutions to make the NGOs which develop social projects for the Roma communities efficient.

This is especially the case of NGO-s which had been set up by the local Roma self-governments officially recognized authorities entrusted by law with interest representation of Roma communities at local level.

Bevezetés a demográfiába – PDF Free Download

szocoilgiba Both researches underlined the necessity of continuing the social projects for the Roma, developing the NGOs which carry out such projects and forming the elite of the Roma community who will support the disadvantaged communities by involving them in such projects.

Bibliografie Allport, Gordon W. Everything depends on what sort of calls for application appear at a certain moment. In Hungary there is a greater number of NGO-s, which are accessing financial resources based on projects, due to the fact, that the professional level of Hungarian NGO —s is comparatively higher, even the competition for funding is more difficult. During the program, a meeting with the Local Support Groups was organized in each locality and also 30 meetings with the parents.

The grant application has been written by a team of experts who communicated rather efficiently with each other during the process. The main cause of this variety is that beyond EU funds and recognized international civil donors such as the Soros Foundation in Andorkka several ministries and state agencies responsible for the implementation of various policy tasks in the field of education, employment, equality of chances, social care, youth, ethnic minorities etc.

Tabacu Aurora, director adjunct – Colegiu Tehnic C. Significant financial resources have been allocated to attenuate economic hardship of Roma population and to promote their social inclusion.


Anthony Giddens – Szociológia – Free Download PDF

Implementation of the focus-group interviews with representatives of providers and beneficiaries of adult learning and professional training as well as with representatives of potential employers in order to obtain more accurate and specific information on the personal attitudes, experiences and motivations of all important stakeholders Phase 3.

Focus group interviews will be conducted with representatives of providers and beneficiaries of adult learning and professional training as well as with representatives of potential employers in order to obtain more accurate and specific information on the personal attitudes, experiences and motivations of all important stakeholders. Moreover, the drop-out rate in secondary schools is significant. Gazeta de Nord Vest, http: Besides the economic factors, there are some social and cultural factors.

Concluding remarks The presented case illustrates the high level of professional and institutional development of a certain category of Hungarian NGO-s, which are regularly implementing large scale projects, usually with EU or other prestigious international funding or from Hungarian state funding. The results of the politics of that time were the improvement of the level of education and involvement in the labor market.

This will help us to clarify our existing hypotheses and to integrate our research and its expected results into the context at national and international level, drawing attention on aspects that have so far received less attention. S-a creat un spot TV de promovare a serviciilor Centrului. De nem akarnak dolgozni. Some of these endeavors proved successful, but others failed, mainly due to the lack of Roma agricultural tradition and business skills.

They are managers with high education in social sciences. A particular attention has been devoted to the preparation of the project team for responding to the spe cial needs of the target group.

Concerning the relationship between the Roma leaders and the members of the Roma communities, the experts underline that there is a big gap between the leaders and the members of the community, most of the leaders being contested.