Antz Novie Script by Todd Alcott Chris Weitz Paul Weitz – Screenplay and Movie Scripts. Movie Script – A N T Z . One worker ants slips, and the boulder rolls down, crushing his leg. Z looks back, and sees the ants behind staring at him angrily. Antz. Script Library >> Antz. Synopsis: A rather neurotic ant tries to break from his Writer(s): Todd Alcott (screenplay), Chris Weitz (screenplay), 1 more credit?.

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We’re clearing a path through “D” section now. This tremendous accomplishment is a testimony to the strength– – [ Foreman ] Put your scresnplay into it!

What are you doing? Chippie, we have a social obligation to the less fortunate. Do we need to go through with this? I mean, up in the palace– Well, I guess we just let the general make all the decisions.

Antz () Movie Script | SS

Are you out of your puny little mind? For your information, the general and I are deeply, deeply in– engaged. Let go of my daughter. Don’t make me hurt her. And this whole desert thing? Well, yeah, I came back for you. We got royal inspection coming up. Boy, talk about a rough day.


Z is no hero. You soldiers get all the glory, plus you get to go out in the world. Inspection, meaning you’re gonna stand around like an screeplay I mean, she probably won’t even remember you.

If the termite shock troops enter our colony, well– Yes, General, I know screenplya they can do to us. You know, my mother never had time for me. You can be your own ant there. I guess I had imagined Insectopia– I don’t know– a little differently. Then again, maybe not.

And, you know, I finally feel like I’ve found my place. It is screenplag for a new beginning. Who ever heard of two ants?

Look, think for yourselves! I was starting to like you. Let’s face it, you’re– you’re– [ Clears Throat ] you’re beautiful. And as for Z I came as soon as I heard. And you just happened to find it– the swarthy, earthy, sensual worker.

Men, let’s move it! Buzz off, pawn of the oppressor. My father was-was basically a drone, like I’ve said. We do have a choice. Can’t you just once think for yourself?


Nothing like post-traumatic stress disorder to make your day complete. Z, I’ve known you for a long time. Antzz guy’s built like a pebble.

This had better be important. Overwhelm their defenses and kill their queen. You’re making the rest of us look bad. Hey, it is crap. We are the ones ensuring the future of our great colony. Stop, you– Oh, no. After all, I am a soldier. I can see it in your eyes.

Screenplay Library

We cannot begin to express our gratitude for your heroic efforts. Keep your comments to yourself. On my face for the whole insect race Why, it’s almost like being in love [ Whistle Blows ] Yowch. I used to be a soldier, and I switched places with him.

Everyone, listen to me! We gotta get down there. Because, um, it might be nice You know, I was once– See ya.

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