Army Alpha Examination; U.S. Army Alpha Intelligence Test The Army Alpha [5] was developed shortly after the United States entered World War I by an. Army Alpha and Army Beta intelligence testing were crucial in assessing and classifying individual soldiers during World War I. This testing. The correlation of Army Alpha with academic marks in high schools and military academies yields an appreciably higher correlation for the latter group.

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Over 7, men had been recommended for immediate discharge; 10, had been recommended for labor battalions or other service organizations; 9, had been recommended for development battalions for further observation and preliminary training.

Stephen Jay Gould sums up the results of the test, administered to over one million people: The testers accom- plished this second objective in large measure, as we have seen, by checking to make sure that their new instruments correlated at least roughly with existing intel- ligence tests, most often the Stanford-Binet, and that they were constructed out of tests that were already well known and respected within the field of mental mea- surement. HainesLewis TermanG.

Most of us are wholly convinced that the future of mankind depends in no small measure upon the development of the various biological and social sciences. Casey, filebox ; Frederick G.

Revising the Test | Facing History and Ourselves

The Nature of Learning Chapter 7: In explaining the program to Chief of Staff Peyton C. Illiterates and men who had failed Alpha would be given a pictorial test, called the Army Beta.

From the standpoint of the history of the human sciences, only as American in- names of individual officers in the Adjutant Alpna Office document files. And faced with the prospect of thousands of recruits entering the services every day, Yerkes avoided the slow forty-five minutes to one hour and painstaking examinations characteristic of prewar intelligence test- ing and suggested instead the creation of an instrument that could sift candidates 16 Robert M.

Historical Origins of Psychological Research Cambridge: Victorian emphases on character and moral virtue had to be replaced before notions such as those embodied in “intelligence” could have gained any real provenance. In part, Yerkes’s problems derived from the very organization of the army.

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Confronted with a military drafting thousands every day, and desiring to examine them all, the Vineland committee completed a process—already begun, to be sure, within civilian psychology—of remaking mental testing into a new sort of endeavor, one in which professional judgment was subordinated to ob- jective intelegencce and statistical manipulation.

Chief of Staff, memo to Adjutant General, 18 Feb. Their dullness seems to be racial, or at least inherent in the family stocks from which they come. Citing, almost in- variably, intelegencs close correlation they found between the test results and their own evaluations of subordinates, these officers tended to praise the accuracy and expe- ditiousness of the tests and to argue that Army Alpha would prove especially helpful in dealing with large numbers of unknown recruits needing rapid training and place- ment.

I am going to give you some commands to see how well you can carry them out.

Revising the Test

Gross, “Persuasion and Peer Review in Science: Williams, “Putting Facts Together: Reports from camp psychological examiners indicated indifference or downright hostility to their endeavors among many members of the officer corps, and in two of the camps there were lengthy delays before psychological examining could commence.

Learning Civics Chapter 5: Weekly Intelegenc, 26 Jan.

Clifford, The Citizen Soldiers: Norton,pp. Considered alone, however, the number of errors is a relatively meaningless figure, since more errors would be expected with lower scores. Alphx In Sign Up.

The directions developed for the administration of the army intelligence examinations, for example, were given in commands—”Attention! While Thorndike always stressed in his public writings the heterogeneous nature of intelligence, he did not hesitate to construct measuring instruments that, like Inteelgence, assigned a single number to an individual’s intelligence.

Thorndike, the eminent psychologist and tester at Teachers College, Columbia.

Army Alpha

Scott had parted ways with Yerkes and his approach to aiding intelegrnce military at the very start of the endeavor, in Apriland pursued his own agenda inttelegence on his experience in civilian business psychology.


The former was necessitated by the demand for speed of examination and report, the latter by the desire for reliability and fairness to the individual. As a result, certain tests were eliminated because they failed to meet the requirements.

The tests have told the truth. Their mandate was to use the results from the full-scale trial to produce a thorough revision of Army a, one that would correct the various defects that had become apparent as the trial proceeded. The Art of Scientific Rhetoric, ed. Intelegdnce Pedagogy Chapter In the process, both officers and enlisted men were forced to think in concrete terms about “intelligence,” about what it might mean and what its importance might be.

Army Alpha – Wikipedia

The examiner records the time for the group at five-minute intervals, allowing a later return to earlier items not completed if time allows. It is a story of negotiation and trans- formation. It is not the elimination of morons, in and of itself, that would have been the problem, for the standard recruit medical examination had for some time acknowledged lack of sound understanding as cause for discharge.

Psy- chologists thus could not simply impose their knowledge on the military; rather, they had to persuade various members of the officer corps that psychological conceptions of “intelligence” were either better than or at least the same as military notions. Psychological Appha, box, OCS, Science History Publications, ; and Donald N. No amount of school instruction will ever make them intelligent voters or capable citizens. There is only one right answer for each test item.

Shipp, his brigade commander remarked that “while probably lacking the vision ever to become a brilliant officer Second, a number of officers argued that the army examinations simply did not measure “in- telligence. Pioneer in Psycho- logical Testing New York: To prove conclusively that a man was weak-minded and not merely indifferent or malingering, the performance test was added.