Book Name: Aroj Ali Matubbar Rachanasamagra Book Writer: Aroj Ali Matubbar Book Language: Bengali Book Format: Portable Document File (pdf). Aroj Ali Matubbar: Rationalist Philosopher of Rural Bangladesh .. But the courageous folk writers did translate the works of Islamic theological books in Bangla. [1] His original name was Aroj Ali, and he only acquired the name ‘Matubbar’ ( meaning ‘local landlord’) later. He was born to a poor farming family. He studied for.

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Prophet Hazrat Solaiman was supposed to have traveled in the air seated on his throne and surrounded by his courtiers.

Science is founded on perception or observation of facts and reasonable conjecture. There are many subjects in the world about which philosophy, science, and religion do not tell us the same thing. So the earth is a centre of the universe is a meaningless statement. The main reason for this is that religions do not have gun and shell, dynamite and atom bomb with which to destroy each other. By the midth century, three Presidency towns, Madras, Bombay, and Calcutta had grown in size, during the period of Company rule in India, —, the Company gradually acquired sovereignty over large parts of India, now called Presidencies.

He was born to a poor farming family.

Aroj Ali Matubbor (Author of আরজ আলী মাতুব্বর রচনাসমগ্র ১)

This term has fallen out of use and is said to be offensive because it suggests that a human being rather than God is central to Muslims religion.

His book Satyer Sandhane, according to my assessment exposes the basic rationalist philosophy of Matubbar, concerned with some basic and relevant questions that agitates a questing man — about his matuhbar, about his religion, and matubnar all about his creator and the creation. His first book, published inwas rich with secular thought but caught little attention.


His language is lucid straight forward and easily intelligible to common folk. Mukto Mona in Bengali. A teacher of philosophy at the B M CollegeKazi Ghulam Quadir, was impressed by his depth of knowledge and understanding, so he helped him borrow books from the college library. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. When the great Creator puts it in the material body the body gets life.

They depicted him as an atheist and a communist. In the new British Raj, sovereignty extended to a few new regions, increasingly, however, unwieldy presidencies were broken up into Provinces. But the courageous folk writers did translate the works of Islamic theological books in Bangla. Aroj Ali’s rationalism sprang out from the love of human being what we call in Bengal ‘ Manabatabad ‘.

For this reason people who do not give away and those who are disrespectful and do not perform sacrifice jagyanga are looked upon as Asuras. Describing various but funny stories from various religions he gave the modern and scientific theories of the sun. These two thoughts find their expression in many songs sung by our folk-singers.

One gets amazzed when we think of his social background and the environment.

Aroj Ali Matubbar

Destitute Araz Ali grew up somehow on aeoj of others and by working as a farm labourer. His first publication is based on his thoughts on religious rituals and many Islamic fundamental principles accepted by a common Muslim without questioning. The basis of humanism in Bangladesh in our folk culture lies in the love for common man and equality of men. Lalan Shah has said once: It took long twenty years to publish the book. Retrieved 15 October Persevering as he was, he kept on reading more and more.


The right side of the painting shows white settlers and modern technology arriving and the area is depicted in brightness. But I heard that nothing is better than human being.

Aroj Ali Matubbar – Wikidata

After the puja, the Puja Udjapan Porishod arranges a grand cultural night, the students of the SBMC perform at that program, as well as famous singers, bands are invited to cheer the spectators. Preserving as he was, he kept on reading more and more.

Unquestioned belief is no other than blindness. You said there were one lakh twenty four thousand of prophets, but only nineteen names are found in Quaran, Then where are the rest?

As per the declaration of overseas registration of the General Medical Council, the college has an area of about 33 ha. A teacher of philosophy at the B M CollegeKazi Ghulam Quadir, was impressed by his depth of knowledge and understanding. Published on AD He was born in the village of Charbaria Lamchariabout 11 kilometres 6. He engaged at present with extensive research on Crime Against Minority in Bangladesh.


He could not attend in any school due to his poorness. Archaeological research has unearthed several ancient cities in Bangladesh, which had trade links for millennia.

In the fourth century, the word began to designate a man or woman who led a monastic life. Worship Man, look into Quaran- you will see these. All these are quite simple and arok forward. Shadani, and Muhammad Barkatullah.