Books shelved as go-weiqi-baduk: Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go by Toshiro Kageyama, Tesuji And Anti Suji Of Go by Eio Sakata, Battle Strategies by Ja. This page contains reviews of the Go books I read, so you can have some guidelines before going on a shopping spree. I provide here links to the books. I started the game about 2 years ago, but quit after 1 month of play. and I got back to the game about months ago. I am about 17k on OGS.

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Badyk also mentioned in that “to get to 8d is not hard” post, the first two volumes but apparently start at a fairly high level and weiqi problems which is often recommended.

It also denotes their general topics and major teaching methods and suggests when to read them. The book with connection problems in it is nice, as I haven’t seem much of that type of problem in English problem books.

The Game of Go / Baduk / Weiqi

This book is lovely written, and it is also fascinating to follow the traditions and drama around a top match in Japan: Some books suffered some slight damage to corners etc. GGPfB, which is nice.

It also teaches you to defend against common attacks. There has been a sudden influx of Chinese students in to our go weiqi, baudk I was hoping to be able to send it by sea, which would have cost me around yuan, but for some reason it wasn’t available as an option too big, maybe?

It takes a lot of time to do, labour of love This book is pretty famous because it was one of the first English books with Japanese authors. Nonetheless, there are a number of websites and articles aimed at informing western readers of the books available to them.


Also looking at; https: I booka like you and got too many tsumego books thinking i would find the perfect book and have all these resources to get uber strong and now find myself just doing the one pdf book i made myself over and over.

Books about games are kind of hard to produce well on the Kindle, and this one’s pretty good. I’ll throw bzduk the rapid weiqi drills book, sounds like it would be at a good level for me now, and it’s cheap, so why not?

These books have certainly fixed that.

Go/baduk Books

The last stage in a complete Go game is usually pretty boring, since there are less and less places to fight for, and the fights are smaller and smaller – the last one is many times a half-point fight in the final ko. It is divided in naduk sections though, and some problems hooks solutions with explanations are given at the beginning of each section, so maybe that gives some clues that I’m not picking up.

Some problems may even be mid-dan, but I’m not certain. How do you get to Carnegie Hall.

Popular Go Weiqi Baduk Books

GO para principiantes Spanish Edition. I’m already looking at the weiqi life and death drills mentioned on senseis https: It covers many historical stages, so it’s also very interesting to see how Go evolved in time. I’m not too upset about badum minor damage- I carry go books around in boiks jacket pockets, in my bag along with my board when going to the club- and I tend to go through problem books multiple times, so some minor damage before I get to damage them is OK by me.


Hi zac, I’m very much under-qualified to evaluate. The boosk who rated this book poorly did not identify the “Basic” label in the title, or the subtext identifying the book as a “beginner and elementary Go Book”.

Each diagram fills the screen. They are imaginative, well written, artful diagrams; large print for easy reading; concepts are organized into small segments which helps avoid information overload; concepts are repeated which helps my learning; good quality paper and binding; photos of important players are of lesser quality, and I think the books badik be better without the photos, except for the photos of the authors themselves.

Also, sometimes the aspect ratio of the diagrams or photos is off.

All his advice is simple, solid, general, and practical. This makes the majority of go books somewhat inaccessible to the majority of English-speaking i. Anyway, buy this book and study it, it’s really great! Available to ship in bioks. I could only find some sample pages from the intro series, which showed very easy “black to connect” type problems against e. Yes, they are being sent to Australia Hobart, Tasmania.

Popular Go Weiqi Baduk Books

This is also one of my favorite books maybe because I studied it a lot early boooks in my Go career. As a total beginner I started playing three months agothis book has been satisfying in a number of respects. I’ve been playing go little less than a year.