Bergdorf Blondes is the chick lit début novel of Plum Sykes, an English- born fashion writer and New York “it girl”. The book was released in hardcover on . Laura Barton on the girls about town in Plum Sykes’ Bergdorf Blondes. The reputation of the fairest of the fair sex gets another mauling in Plum Sykes’s label-strewn tale of husband-hunting, Bergdorf Blondes.

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A Ok guys this one is a throw back for me since I originally read Bergdorf Blondes way back in the summer college days, but I just found it and re-read it again this week and now I have a blog, so ya know: The protagonist goes through several terrible relationships with married men she was told that they were single or separated and finds herself drawn to and irritated by the filmmaker Charlie, who has started dating her friend Julie.

I’d say that she’s better than Bushnell in terms of writing style since the book’s characters aren’t ruthless, they’re oftentimes charming and witty, and their very self-indulgence comes across as more amusing than petty.

I sometimes love to read books with characters that are insanely rich and famous because it’s fun to imagine worlds like that sometimes. It’s well worth a read for all the chick lit lovers out there, sort of like a grown up version of Gossip Girl.

I found her to be wide-eyed and naive, pretty much wanting any guy who was good-looking or even gave her the time of day. This display of ignorance becomes less startling as Bergdorf Blondes stumbles on, and it allows for a cloying motif. It was another easy book because the story was fun and i enjoyed her descriptive details.

Why so many haters? It talks a lot about fashion and friendship that revolves around everything material: Critical reception for Bergdorf Blondes has been blnodes. The only character sgkes had promise was Charlie and I liked him instantly from the start. The protagonist, known throughout the book as ‘Moi’ is a British girl who wants to be American, she escapes England, and a very snobbish American mother who is desperate to marry her to the Earl next door in spite of the Chair Affair, due to which the families are sworn enemiesand comes to New York where she lives the ‘Champagne Bubble’ life of a Bergdorf Blonde although she is a brunette who went to Princeton with her best friend, the quintessential New York Park Avenue Princess Julie Bergdorf.


The only part I specifically remember is calling a certain sexual act ‘getting tiramisu’ I will leave it up to you to discern what that means and texting a friend that Moi is getting said act, then said act ending abruptly when actor discovered what actee is up to. She is a contributing editor at Vogue magazin I felt my IQ dropping a few points with every few pages. I can’t say I would recommend this book. The book follows an unnamed young socialite living in New York as she interacts with her best friend Julie and tries to find a successful romantic relationship.

Chick lit if you will. Put your tenner towards that Fendi clutch bag you’ve always wanted. I loved the way Sykes wrote this book because it felt like it was written from the prospective of a Park Ave princess.

This book is silly and fun. Or bfrgdorf could have been one of the characters freaking ou I went into Bergdorf Blondes hoping I was going to like it.

Irritating? Moi?

She specifically warned me in advance that it was really stupid, but secretly a fun read in a guilty pleasure sort of way. Calling sex “going to Brazil” referring to Brazilian waxing and leaving it at that was very clever imo.

I felt like it was the biggest piece of nonsense garbage I had ever picked up and I was teetering on pluj on And how is she going to deal with the endless phone calls from her mother in England demanding that she get married to the Blondea next door?

When I started reading this book it infuriated me!

I don’t really want to discuss this book’s merits or lack thereof. This all proves to be too much for the protagonist and before leaving, she tells Charlie that she hates him and that she can no longer trust him since he never trusted her with any of this information.


It was practically my “how to be a something in NY” bible when I graduated.

Observer review: Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes | Books | The Guardian

I read many negative reviews, and they almost put me sykea reading what is actually the funniest book I’ve read in a long time. A very funny, light-hearted, astute and loving look at our Park Avenue Princesses. At this point I saw the absurdity the author was shooting for and began to enjoy the book. The writing style is less than mediocre and it was a total waste of the 3 hours that seemed more like an eternity that i spent reading it. At this point her mother arrives under the guise of taking the protagonist home, with the intention of making plm way back into Charlie’s mother’s good graces.

Despite her novel’s much-vaunted ‘effervescence’ honestly, BB has put the PR department at Viking into overdrivemight this not have been Sykes’s intention? I wouldn’t want to read only Plum Sykes but I think her brand of romance is very charming, especially symes it is not typical romance with every detail of sex stkes.

I couldn’t stop once I started. Apr 27, Somi rated it it was amazing.

The a Review was originally posted on Alexa Loves Books Bergdorf Blondes was a pleasant chick lit read that combined three of my favorite things – New York City, traveling to various exotic locations including England and a relatable protagonist who enjoyed shopping, beauty rituals and writing.

Seriously, on the surface it’s sykess light contemporary funny read. How can you not love that?

It was meant for the happy-go-lucky and feel good viewers who simply wanted some escapist literature on a dreary day. Preview — Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes.

The tone is curious, more Teen Vogue than proper Vogue.

Books of the Week. I get sad when some books end then excited seeing another story about them.