Answer: Bibliology is the study of the Bible, the Word of God. The Bible is the inspired source of knowledge about God, Jesus Christ, salvation, and eternity. BIBLIOLOGY – THE DOCTRINE OF THE BIBLE. The Lord has given us His Word in order for us to know with certainty what life with Him is in reality. And with our. DOCTRINAL STATEMENT. I. Bibliology- The Doctrine of the Bible. A. I believe that the Bible is a reflection of God’s Character. Since He is perfect, His Word is.

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These are arbitrary decisions of men who decide what is inspired and what is not. Preservation Extends to the Actual Words V. What problems can you see in this approach to inspiration?

What type of person would the early church feel should be considered as one through whom the Spirit of God would speak?

The Natural Man ii.

C The Critical Text. See also 1 Thessalonians 2: The fourth test of canonicity is that of genuineness. What things are unique about the writing of the Scriptures?

One book creating a problem for the early church was the book of Hebrews.

Cultural Power Jeremiah Is the book inspired? A false mysticism is found even in some Evangelical circles.


The Seven Dispensations ii. Perhaps it would be reasonable to say that there was an overriding principle in the consideration of the total subject of canonicity. The Roman emperor Diocletian ordered all Bibles destroyed and decreed death hte anyone who yet had copies of the Scripture in his possession. There are obvious problems with this form of inspiration. Men who were not so bright because God desires to choose foolish things to use. B The Majority Text.


The canon of Scripture is a closed collection of all writings and only those writings inspired by God. The Dispensation Of The Kingdom iii.

In this framework of thinking, Scripture is given through the Holy Spirit and the totality of Scripture is included and is equally inspired. When completed, presidential authority is established.

The ibble of writers often relates to their occupations. As a result, the following passages are disputed because they are not found in the earliest manuscripts:.

bubliology What the Bible Says About Itself It is important for the reader to understand that even as one has a right to testify for himself, so it is important for us to hear what this book and its writers say. Old and New Testaments complement each other. Share this with someone and continue to do this thr you are effective and know each point or argument well.

Let the Word be God’s voice to direct and encourage you. Its medical laws are contemporary, Leviticus What problems do you see in approaching inspiration in this way? The Dispensation Of Conscience ii. Partial Inspiration —The doctrine and moral truths are inspired. Fhe it be an anchor to your soul in times of temptation and other kinds of trial.

Bibliology – A Study of the Doctrine of Scripture

It is the most hated and most loved book in the universe. But this was not true of Peter and James. This will eliminate the film that grows over the eye. On the basis of what you have found in these verses, how would you describe in your own words the Scripture’s uniqueness?

The use of antiseptics is advocated, Luke I would like to quote Ryrie thhe his definition. The Holy Spirit guarded the writings of those who wrote the Scriptures, but allowed them to write in their own personalities and styles of writing.


What are some of the ways this approach is seen in our society today? Paul is certainly an exception and he was very bright.

Bibliology: The Doctrine of the Scriptures |

A The Received Text. It is stated that when American servicemen landed in these islands during World War 2, they found the natives with Bibles. Paul the apostle was an educated rabbi. What inconsistency is taught by this theory when we consider Matthew 5: The third test relates to authenticity. The Dispensation Of Innocence ii. The consideration of these seven external evidences is one that involves this valid approach. Dictation or Mechanical —Men were passive instruments and their personalities were not involved at all.

The Scriptures contain an accurate account of statements made that may not have been true as in the above situations. The Bible is the Word of God given unto man to reveal God and to show forth His eternal plan to mankind, including the meaning and purpose of our humanity, which is first and foremost to know, enjoy, worship, honor, and appreciate our Creator.

Bibliology – A Study of the Doctrine of Scripture | A Systematic Study in Christian Theology

In a similar way, God used institutional Israel and the church including regenerate and sometimes unregenerate men and womento establish the cannon of the Jewish Scriptures, and the New Testament Scriptures.

Discuss different translations of Scripture, and which is most practical for the disciple. Would he not be considered a superhuman? Make every truth tenfold your own by passing it on.