BILLION DOLLAR BUNKO. Zoom. BILLION DOLLAR BUNKO. Rp, 0 review | Write a review. BILLION DOLLAR BUNKO. BY: SIMON LOVELL. Simon Lovell – Billion Dollar Bunko. PDF. 15 years in writing, rewriting, updating and more, this huge book describes hundreds of cons, scams and cheats. Used, new & out-of-print books matching Billion Dollar Bunko – Simon Lovell. Offering millions of titles from thousands of sellers worldwide.

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It’s just a great book. Mine is on the way. Back Switch by Cody Nottingham.

By continuing to use the site, you are consenting to the use of cookies as explained in our Privacy Policy to improve your experience. Learn well and you’ll be able to avoid them. You’ll also learn top tips on how to avoid each and every con!

If that’s the case I think I will order it cheerios. You’ll meet wild, eccentric and larcenous characters, you’ll learn how they work their money-making deeds buunko all without having to risk a penny of your own money.

Victory Carton Illusions by U. This isn’t just a “here’s how the con works” book. Don’t be one buhko them. Home Featured Specials All products. If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. Reviews require prior approval before they will be displayed.

So, I may be a little less than objective about this book. I worked a side show in my youth and it brought back many memories.

Billion Dollar Bunko

Just curious and wanna know wat I will be ordering that’s all Cheerios According to the review, it gives the “set-up, the talk, and the sell” I was wondering the same thing. Today is the day and the fruit is tasty. Actually, I don’t think anyone will ever come close to matching the quality of Billion Dollar Bunko. This bunnko has tons of info on the works but not the methods!! It was autographed by Simon to me. Start Free Trial or Sign In to see what it’s worth.


Now, I have to tip to you that I had a hand in this thing. Just curious and wanna know wat I will be ordering that’s all Cheerios I was wondering the same thing. I would love to see a 10 in 1 againthey were worth the money.

It will be a long time before anyone puts out a better book on this subject. There’s even a photo of me talking the billionn of the sideshow in Coney Island.

What do people who bought the book think now that they’ve had it for a few days? What about cheating at cards? Customers reviews There are currently no product reviews. The inside information has come from Biillion lifetime of experience in the field along with additional information from both sides of the law.

Diplopia by Paul Vigil. Down Under Deals by Andrew Wimhurst. System 88 by Docc Hilford and Dr. If these things are of interest, you will treasure this book.

Billion Dollar Bunko – Simon Lovell Hard Cover – MINT | #

Please tell us what you think and share your opinions with others. Perfectly Possible by Michael Daniels. Shopping Cart [ 0 ] Items. While not a book to “teach” the methods and “instruct” one on how to perform all the cons, swindles, cheats and scams covered, it does give you insight into how all these things are done and how to keep from becoming the “mug” and being taken advantage of.


This item is a digital download ,Gimmick not included Customers reviews There are currently no product reviews. Apr 28, No, instead it guides you through the set up, the talk, the sell, everything about the con bunkl how you can get suckered into one. I was just that excited about it.

It is loaded with information and insight that would take the average person a lifetime to learn and understand.

Billion Dollar Bunko – Simon Lovell Hard Cover – MINT

Lots of fun to read. Magicians who use gambling routines will find this an invaluable resource to make them seem more real. Four-Sight By Syd Bergson.

May 6, This is bunkoo a book of magic tricks but a collection of the exact villion used to separate you and others from your hard-earned cash. New York Posts. May 10, Todd, Just got my copy this morning. Neither the publisher or author can be held accountable for any reader who tries these schemes to make money themselves. I’ve not had time to read it yet, just a quick skim, but I think it’s going to be an interesting trip This page was created in 0. Today is the day and the fruit is tasty.

It is a page encyclopedia of eveything to do with swindling.