Brahmagupta was an Ancient Indian astronomer and mathematician who lived from AD to AD. He was born in the city of Bhinmal in Northwest India. Brahmagupta, whose father was Jisnugupta, wrote important works on mathematics and astronomy. In particular he wrote Brahmasphutasiddhanta Ⓣ, in The field of mathematics is incomplete without the generous contribution of an Indian mathematician named, Brahmagupta. Besides being a great.

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Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval. Other sociologists believed he might have belonged to Multan region. He is the author of two early works on mathematics and astronomy: Brahmagupta was the first to give rules to compute with zero. Number theory in the East. The book is written in arya-meter comprising verses and 24 chapters. The height of a mountain multiplied by a given multiplier is the distance to a city; it is not erased.

See the events in life of Brahmagupta in Chronological Order.

As a young man he studied astronomy extensively. The Progenitors, twins; Ursa Major, twins, the Vedas; the gods, fires, six; flavors, dice, the gods; the moon, five, the sky, mathematiciaan moon; the moon, arrows, suns [ Imaging two triangles within [a cyclic quadrilateral] with unequal sides, the two diagonals are the two bases.

The kingdom of Bhillamala seems to have been annihilated but Ujjain repulsed the attacks. In Brahmasphutasiddhanta, multiplication was named Gomutrika.

The base decreased and increased by the difference between the squares of the sides divided by the base; when divided by two they are the true segments. In his Brahma treatise, Mathematican criticized contemporary Indian astronomer on their different opinion.


In mathematics, his contribution to geometry was especially significant. He first describes addition and subtraction. During the rule of Chapa dynasty ruler, Vyagrahamukha, he lived brzhmagupta Bhillamala according to historian, yet there is no conclusive proof of that.

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This current system is based on the Hindu Arabic number system and first appeared in Brahmasphutasiddhanta. Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students. The brightness is increased in the direction of the sun.

He brought originality to the treatise by adding a great deal of new material to it. Brahmagupta gave the solution of the general linear equation in chapter eighteen of Brahmasphutasiddhanta. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He was the son of Jishnugupta and was a Shaivite by religion.

Little is known about the life of Bhaskara; I is appended to his name to distinguish him from a 12th-century Indian astronomer of the…. Mathemmatician is, he sought whole numbers x and y such that 92 x 2 ….

Brahmagupta – Indian Mathematics – The Story of Mathematics

Scholars state that he incorporated a great deal of originality to his revision, adding a considerable amount of new material. Prithudaka Svamin wrote commentaries on both of his works, rendering difficult verses into simpler language and adding illustrations.

An enormous amount of material is found on astronomy, while it also includes chapters on mathematics, trigonometry, algorithms and algebra. You can help by adding to it. List and Biographies of Great Mathematicians. Later, Brahmagupta moved to Ujjainwhich was also a major centre for astronomy.

In the 7th century Brahmagupta took up what is now erroneously called the Pell equation. If you prefer to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to edit mode requires login. He also introduced new methods for solving quadratic equations and gave equations to solve systems of simultaneous indeterminate equations, in addition to providing two equivalent solutions to the general quadratic equation. Prithudaka Svamina later commentator, called him Bhillamalacharyathe teacher from Bhillamala.


He called multiplication gomutrika in his Brahmasphutasiddhanta.

Walter Eugene Clark David Pingree. Brahmagupta is credited to have given the most accurate of the early calculations of the length of the solar year.

A triangle with rational sides abc and rational area is of the form:. By using this site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed.

Brahmagupta biography

The texts composed by Brahmagupta were composed in elliptic verse in Sanskritas was common practice in Indian mathematics. Mathemxtician composed his texts in elliptic verse in Sanskrit, as mathemafician common practice in Indian mathematics of his time. In chapter eighteen of his BrahmasphutasiddhantaBrahmagupta describes operations on negative numbers.

Ghurye believed that he might have been from the Multan or Abu region. Multiplication, evolution, and unknown quantities were represented by abbreviations of appropriate terms.

He gave formulas for the lengths and areas of other geometric figures as well, and the Brahmagupta’s theorem named after him states that if a cyclic quadrilateral has perpendicular diagonals, then the perpendicular diagonal to a side from the point of intersection of the diagonals always bisects the opposite side. The nature of squares: