Set on fictional Jar Island, this first collaboration between Han (We’ll Always Have Summer) and Vivian (The List) follows three teenage girls. : Burn for Burn (The Burn for Burn Trilogy) (): Jenny Han, Siobhan Vivian: Books. : Fire with Fire (The Burn for Burn Trilogy) (): Jenny Han, Siobhan Vivian: Books.

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If you wanted a carebear book, look elsewhere, this book has pissed off people getting revenge on some very unpleasant people who may or may not deserve it. And you gained some weight, didn’t you? Obviously Mary wants Reeve to drown in boiling oil for what he did to burnn, but she wants him to notice and like her too. And then when I got to know him that bit more I was even more against her plan.

Now I understand she was terrified. Overall this was a very very good book. Aside from the revenge plot, important issues like rape, suicide, and bullying are mentioned.

Jun 05, Faye, la Patata rated it really liked it Shelves: Maybe because Bhrn emotions were running so high? I do love her tight friendship with Alex–there wasn’t any really chemistry between the two which was nice. I sure hope not. Burn for Burn was a bit of a bummer for me but Jenny Han and Siobhan turned my opinion right around with this.


I was crazy to think that Reeve would ever apologize for the terrible things he did to me. Boy did I have fun reading this. I loved the climax of the story and how it ended, it was so wonderfully written. Also I think she needs to want to be fod. And I don’t see at all what was to like about this book. To view ffor, click here. Omg guysthis book was so damn incredible!.

Burn for Burn Series

Kat tolerates and ignores the rumors, until one day, she snaps. I knew she was gonna get creepy by the end.

Okay, I need to address the whole supernatural thing. For me, that’s the equivalent of catnip 2. Now that that’s done with It’s told in three POVs, three different girls, three different personalities, and buurn all stand out on their own.

And even though, not everything was resolved in the end of this book, it was a huge cliffhanger which builds up so much potential for the next book to dwell on.

Burn for Burn Series by Jenny Han

Video review to come!! This review is also available over at my blog. If you were not the greatest fan of Burn For Burn, I believe that this one is still worth trying because it was a sobhan improvement.

Hurn Mary is also still hopelessly in love with Reeve, even though Reeve has been nothing but nasty to her all this time. It’s a bit cliche but it’s also really fun! The way the island is created combines the luxurious side and the poorer side of society in a very intelligent way.


Individually, they may not xnd able to do much – but as a trio, they’re sure they can wreak vengeance on those people who’ve wronged them. She was awfully considerate to her bugn and I honestly felt sorry for her as Rennie began to drift away from Lillia and make her life a living hell by attempting to take away her sister and friends.

And then the girls meet at a school bathroom.

Nurn think she also appeared as the way she was dressed that night. Now I need to get to the ending Lists with This Book.

Burn for Burn

Book was first read in November of She is blunt, she is the ringleader, she puts them all together, she gives her allies strength. Kat seeks burb on her ex best friend Rennie who treats her like garbage and spreads lies about her. Lillia is the double agent, with a foot in both worlds. I actually feel bad for him.

Jar Island, Massachusetts United States.