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A highly weird and entertaining read for those with a strong stomach.

So credit where its due. I have to keep roch myself it is fiction and not autobiography. It is one of the most disgustingly repulsive and unsettling of books. Not minelike a lion cub taking its first forays into game territory: Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.

Something that has endured, so you know it will stand up to whatever vile things Wetlands throws at it. Overall, I found the writing refreshingly good and while this story had no plot, it really didn’t need on.

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Are xharlotte innately loathsome, crawling with bacteria and futilely attempting cleanliness, or cnarlotte we accept and embrace the earthiness of our shared humanity? And whether you like the book will depend on how open you yourself are to the ideas, embodied in her as practices, she puts forward.

A sensation it does, even perhaps a needed one, but. Roche charlotte scatology as her playground. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. I can only tell you that, as with the vain boasting of all 18 year-olds who are still a few years away from realizing that just because they’ve never thought of something before, it doesn’t mean no one has, it is much less shocking than it tiresome. The aim is no longer to scandalise the reader with Helen’s lack of hygiene but to open her heart to the world.


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Whether you see Helen as a liberated free spirit or a messed up sicko will depend on how, or whether, you see the connection betwee Yes, it made me feel a bit queasy at times, and Helen, our main protagonist, also did my head in sometimes with her ‘grown up’ thinking, but this was still a refreshing read. Everything Helen did sounded so over the top, as if she was in some sort of competition for the most sexually unconventional woman of all time.

Cuarlotte only women who defy this seem to be the lesbians. People who are uptight about their bodies, or who prefer to avoid thinking about the fact that our bodies secrete substances and smell weird and so on and so forth.

The ‘gross-out’ parts made me feel like the book was written by a teenage boy with ridiculous fantasies of what women do behind closed doors. Perhaps Roche never intended to use the word ‘pussy’ upward of 50 times: Reading this book is like trying to avoid eye contact with the creepy man at a party who appears to have some sort of monstrous social disease.

A character championing more positive body issues wouldn’t hang out with a dude who just wants to shave her. In ways, this book really reminded me of Banks’ The Wasp Factory, which is one of my favorite books of all time, so naturally I couldn’t help but to be charkotte bit fond.

Charlotte Roche

She stops short of coprophagia, even though she is convinced that her own bacteria cannot hurt her. I am more of a curious onlooker. You will not want anything to enter your body in any capacity while you are reading this book.

I wasn’t so appalled at the sexual explicitness of it there really isn’t that muchbut more at the explicit grossness of it. And she has a crush on a nurse that begins when she asks him to rche her wound after surgery.


I like to eat, lick, suck. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Charlotte Roche appears to be single-handedly making up for this lack in her novel ‘Wetlands.

Helen, an year-old heroin, desperately needs warmth and attention, but nobody really cares about her.

: Charlotte Roche: Books

Feb 26, Lettura: It felt as though something wonderful was about to be revealed in these scenes, and then they stopped just short of that revelation. Would you like to rocbe us about a lower price? Whether Helen — an eighteen year old in hospital for anal surgery to excise an infected haemorrhoid — was talking about her reasons and methods of shaving body hair, masturbating with her fingers or avacado pits, or leaving behind drops and smears of menstrual blood for others to find and be scandalized by, I was fascinated, titillated and cheering in equal measure.

She does outrageous things to get a stir from them, but to no avail. It disgusted me and made me momentarily uncomfortable in my own body even though Charlotte spent years attempting to simultaneously become umids to revolting topics and to accept my physicality.

And suddenly all that cringe makes sense. She is disgusting because she doesn’t love herself enough to take care of herself.

Only after one has ‘conquered’ the first part of the book does the writing become more fluid and enjoyable.