‘Lymond is back.” So begins The Game of Kings, the first book in my greatest literary love affair: Dorothy Dunnett’s Lymond Chronicles. The Game of Kings (Lymond Chronicles, 1) [Dorothy Dunnett] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this first book in the legendary Lymond. The Lymond Chronicles (6 Book Series) by Dorothy Dunnett. All Formats Kindle Edition. From Book 1: In this first book in the legendary Lymond Chronicles.

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If you don’t know that much, well, good luck. Your email address will not be published. May 14, Pages. Tell me again, precisely, what you have just said about Mungo Tennant. Once you get past this, the writing is mesmeric, it makes you slow down, it demands your focused attention, you cannot skip lightly over the pages.

Harsh things come to people who are good or bad. Read the damn novel!

Lynmond’s madcap adventures rattle along with breathtaking speed. This is not a costume party book. When I finished the last book, I lost it. All these aspects are part of the attraction, but I believe above and beyond the technical skills and the richness of the setting, the books of Dorothy Dunnet are about passion: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Here Vunnett am, weeping soft tears of myrrh, to prove it. Does that seem like a lot to stuff into a single character?

Showing of reviews. And now where are we?

My heart feels so passionately for this novel, and I wish everyone to read it. He is the spare son, the second son. They’re classics, but they’re utterly readable. My best effort at a response to this great read is to cheat and direct you to the fine reviews of Algernon and Jeffry Keeten. Amongst these thrilling raids, labyrinthine political intrigue and daring escapes, the plot is slowly being teased out and we begin to realise there is more to this brutal antihero than is first apparent.


In this first book in the legendary Lymond ChroniclesFrancis Crawford of Lymond, traitor, murderer, nobleman, returns to Scotland to redeem dunjett reputation and save his home. A man died because of him and he couldn’t even admit his fault. Lymond’s escapades take him up and down the breadth of Scotland as Dunnett slowly peels back the layers of lyomnd story and keeps the reader guessing until the very end, finishing in a trial of ups and downs, twists and turns chronickes Perry Mason.

Lymond chdonicles a young man, exiled from Scotland for treason, who has now snuck back into the country and is busy making If you ever feel like you need a seriously mentally challenging book, I have the solution right here. So I waited and waited and finally I was able to read this fantastic story. The detail of Renaissance Europe, and the Ottoman Empire which draws chronicels in through her writing as though you, the reader are actually there experiencing it.

The audiobook is fantastically narrated and feels very polished and authentic. Other topics intrigued me even more: Every line of him spoke, palimpsestwise, with two voices. Throughout the book Dunnett shows her range of reading and her understanding of classical literature. View all 29 comments. Margaret Douglas, Countess of Lennox—a royal cousin with claims to both the Scottish and English thrones.

Some do good things for selfish motives and bad things for noble causes. There are also maps in the opening pages of each volume, to help locate where things in the story are happening from time to time.

Man of mystery, gifted with intelligence and good looks. Trivia About The Game of Kings Nearly every sentence carries a heavy freight of historical, cultural, linguistic and mythological allusion. This book is anything but dull. I am starting to think I should learn Latin and Spanish. Lines from all of them pop into my head at odd moments.

The Game of Kings (The Lymond Chronicles, #1) by Dorothy Dunnett

On a second or third read, buy the guide and dynnett, join discussion forums, and peel back the layers of Lymond. These are not bea Listen. It is adventurous, hilarious, exciting, and just damn confusing. Staying up all night with a book is a pleasure when you have the morning to sleep in, not when your alarm rings before you’ve read the last page and you still haven’t gone to bed.


Just know that I am completely in love with the guy okay.

The drama kept on coming, even after a dramatic shift into a courtroom, and it was only at the very end of the book dorotthy I could stop, draw breath, and realise what an extraordinary journey this book had been. Firmly, her wrist was taken, and the fingers spread out.

Lymond Chronicles – Wikipedia

View all 14 comments. Chroonicles offers a set chrobicles complex tales rich in historic detail and a hero who surpasses the highest standards of his swashbuckling genre. I chtonicles to collect those books when they were out of print in this country; because I have always loved historical novels, and because the author of these historical novels was so lauded.

Francis and his band of “merry men” immediately begin to wreak havoc, including setting fire to his brother’s estate after stealing the silver and holding the ladies including his mother at knife point for their jewelry. She and her husband Archibald Stewart play both sides of the conflict for their own benefit and the then sixteen-year-old Lymond fell victim to their plotting during his captivity in England after the battle of Solway Moss.

The Game of Kings

I first discovered them while mooching around an empty classroom as a bored year-old. But chivalry hasn’t gone: Views Read Edit View history. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.