Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page The thin glass tube envelope is 20 mm in diameter and, excluding the B9A base pins, is 45 mm tall. References: Datasheet &. Type E88CC was first introduced. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8.

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Number “2” would mean outside Germany. However they bias not as trhey datasheeh in all circuits, and have slightly lower gain.

These are no JJ Tubes. When no, then skip this text.

E88cc for high resolution picture here. Not directly compatible to ECC88, so a secret tip if you can design your won circuits. For a true happened story, read the world of NOS. Frame grid wires can be as thin as 10um, which is technologically speaking a masterpiece of fine mechanics. Now that EI is closed sinceprices of EI tubes are expected to soar. To give you an idea, the size of a large bacteria is 5um.


All from e888cc same factory code. JAN was the first choice, the rest got sold commerically. Don’t trust it when a sellers offers those repeatedly for low prices.

EHX new production under the microscope. HQ tubes made for the Czech post, from the Rosnov factory Code They are pre-selected in pairs. For a pair, order two pieces, they are automatically packed as matched pairs if you do so. Very good selected, and this batch has very high test values. Left tube on the picture. If you want a single you can only take the ones we have, we can not break up a pair for it.

This may help you more than changing tubes. This is a jewel. Well, I think experience and detailed product knowledge is the same! Made on Philips machines.

E88CC Datasheet PDF

Even with top-name amplifier manufacturers we see the same old errors, resulting from arrogancy, like not reading a datasheet. Please note with some datashest with all the print text has suffered somewhat from storage. Set it on AC, and if nothing is read, set it on DC. Buy only from reliable sources!

NOS original box Order nr for a matched and balanced pair: Strangely so, but I see it over and over again. All tube data datashee is, including gain, Gm, Plate impedance, grid leakage, etc, and compare it against “must be” values. This is confirmed by the construction, there is the characteristical A-Shaped getter holder inside, and more details. They were supplied with first class tubes by the manufacturers, and the country of origin is always printed on the tubes. JAN Testing is a military proces daatasheet lot qualification, which makes sure that weak production series will not pass as a whole.


These are no JJ Tubes! Is your ECC88 humming or making noise?

E88CC @ The Valve Museum

They are waiting e88c you there. So you can see it yourself. This is a very critical one, and can cause a good tube to get defective, or give hum, sparks or other noise, when exceeded. Clear white print like new, from spare equipment. Eech test must be in between following limits: Also read here Uh-k.

This pair has printed on the glass: Low noise version of 6N1P. High Quality tubes from the Prague factory Code Read below, how to connect the voltmeter.