Enovia Virtual Product Modelling products offer product data base management for virtual model designed into CATIA V4, V5 and linked to another software for. This page deals with the options concerning: VPM Interoperability Administration; PSN Display Options; Customize Session Building; VPM Cache Management. ENOVIA V5 VPM helps engineers optimize and validate the product definition early in the development lifecycle.

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This is the only userid allowing you to log on at the end of the installation: Customize Session Building Selecting the Load all EnoviaVPM properties check box means that when a session is built all the properties visualized in VPM that have not been mapped will be loaded as user properties.

Starting ENOVIA Products

What About the Other Administration Settings? For the moment, ignore the “Check to choose role at logon” option: The following logon panel appears: The Administration window appears: The objective of enivia section is to provide exhaustive reference information about how to start your ENOVIA product after installation and deployment.

Use the environment variable: For example, in the case of a not-up-to-date part drawing, you may get something like the following impact graph: If you succeed in vp, in, the following dialog box appears:. If no modification has been performed in 3D before launching the drawing, the various drawing elements in the specification tree are shown as being up-to-date: This time, the page looks like this: Furthermore, when you are starting ENOVIA VPM Lifecycle Navigator, you first load the appropriate html page and then you have to choose a minimum number settings before being able to connect to the desired data source.


The enoviz window works the same way as on Windows: Click OK to proceed.

Saving DMU Applicative Data in ENOVIA VPM

Note that in our example, no groups are visible: Double-click the drawing box to visualize reference-to-reference links for the CATDrawing document. Select the views to be automatically created on your drawing, for example the Front, Top and Left icon.

If you do decide to use this option you should be aware that performance will be adversely affected. Click the Apply button. Once the user inputs the wrong password, for example, more than seven times, the server manager will not allow the user to log in again.

Refresh it using the update icon. Selecting the Disable Applicative Object management check box speeds up performance.


Added Properties section of the Properties dialog box are not visible because the Part reference is not loaded. If a 3D element product or part has been modified before launching the drawing, the update mask appears in front of the drawing elements which need an update all, in our example: This avoids problems related to the security and administration due to the initialization of such database vpn.


When the maximum number of attempts is reached, the user is blocked for a length of time. At this stage, there are several settings that you can specify. Keep in mind that the sequence of steps for starting your Webtop product differs depending on: For a “black box” or “work package” assembly: Set the Language and Host settings: Starting Webtop Products Webtop products are started by opening a web browser and entering a URL to load a html page hosted by a server.

Selecting the Automatic Highlight in PSN check box sets the automatic highlight for the identification of models in a PSN graph from a Version 5 session and vice-versa. Selecting the Load all EnoviaVPM properties check box means that when a session is built all the properties visualized vppm VPM that have not been mapped will be loaded as user properties.

You will learn how to: Exit and reload the enocia URL and log on again. Note that the drawing has to be placed in the assembly and that the part instances which were not referenced by the drawing when you last saved it are not loaded.