Contracting EBA update There will be a paid report back meeting for delegates at the ETU office on Thursday 19th July at pm All delegates are. Contracting Industry EBA Breakthroughs Contracting and Construction Update 21/12/ Good progress with ECA and NECA, PSG ready for sign off but ODG. After 11 years in the Parliament, I was defeated in in a nasty and bitter campaign led in large part by the ETU. Like the current.

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Try your hand a tipping your weekly favourites and get you workmates to join in the fun.

When it comes to large companies like Stowe, this approach and attempt to dud workers with a substandard agreement is unacceptable. The ETU will also be commencing negotiations with a local company, Martin Donnelly, and we have concluded negotiations, with a ebs result, with Shepherd Electrical earlier this year.

General Trade, Mining and Manufacturing

This is a race to the bottom from what used to be a good employer. The overwhelming majority of manufacturing employers are surviving on marginal financial bottom lines bringing in to question their ability to provide future jobstrain new employees and engage apprentices.

Full details are below: ETU Recruitment Officer, Mick Hopper said that ETU members were paying their respects to those workers that have lost their lives on construction sites by wearing black arm bands and observing a minute silence at meetings held across sites this week.

Click here to access the CEPU financial report. Applications are being accepted for and close at 4. Conditions apply see application form.


Electricity, Water and Utilities

ETU members working at OTIS are set to benefit from a new agreement that bea improvements to members over the next three years. We attempted a number of times to contact Stowe by post, phone, visits and email.

The competition password is: By keeping the pressure on the Government about workers comp we have won significant changes including more than doubling the medical cap and reducing the threshold for lifetime cover among other changes. Members should be wary of this approach to bargaining and contact your Organiser in the event this occurs.

There will also be regional events: Increase to First Aid allowance each year for the life of the agreement. Noble has failed to solve or address key issues affecting all workers formerly employed by Gosford and Wyong Councils. The new agreement will operate for three years and delivers significant improvements for ETU members including: While we have continued relatively good relationship with most companies one has snuck under the radar.

Ausgrids Latest EBA Offer

We want to hear from you about your experience onsite including Labour Hire, Apprentices and the various EBA’s that have been voted on and supported by a majority of members at each company. This is selling out our childrens future by trading good wages and conditions for a wage increase. The rally coincides with public hearings for the first review of the workers compensation changes.

All ETU members should immediately alert their organiser if their boss attempts to pull a swiftly and follow in the miserable footsteps of Teu Canberra. It is now becoming all too common. To apply for one of six annual general scholarships download the application form.


Noble was appointed by the NSW Government following a forced amalgamation in To qualify, you must be enrolled in studies in an approved course at a registered training organisation at diploma level or higher. If you have any questions about working in heat please contact your workplace delegate or ETU organiser.

This agreement is a dog, and there is no other way of describing it. Members should exercise efu care as temperatures rise. Manufacturing continues to barely survive without Government support or Protection and for now remains in Intensive Care. By law the Branch must provide a copy of their financial report to members, this can be downloaded from the members area after logging in.

General Trade, Mining and Manufacturing

The rally coincides with public hearings for the dtu review of the workers compensation changes. In most other respects the EBA is the same as, or slightly less than, the competition. These scholarships are available to ETU members, their children and their grandchildren.

Issues to be discussed include developments in the Sydney Construction sector and issues faced by electricians, but most of all we want to hear from you.