Autochthonia Revised. In progress! So go away. Er, unless you wanna read my ramblings. Mostly just an outline at the moment. For the record. The study of these phenomena served as the basis of the gravity based Charms of the Alchemical Exalted. While Autochthon sleeps, his body. Hadal is the capital of Autochthonia in the Gunstar setting (it doesn’t exist in normal Exalted). It’s a large metropolis built on the Pole of Crystal.

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Conduits running through the maker’s body may autochhthonia as degree planes of gravity around its outer, or in some cases inner, surfaces – while in other cases Conductors have discovered that gravity within the conduits pulls “down” toward the destination of the transmitted substance within.

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Autochthonia – [Exalted Past]

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It does not adhere to some external “down” outside the outer wall of the Pole of Smoke. A mountain of spiritual refuse overlooking a great valley in the Pole of Smoke, indistinguishable from Domadamod’s smaller form, save by scale.

It is an imposing rumbling palace of copper edges where Mog holds court on a daily basis, often with relevant Subroutines in attendance. From the atuochthonia of autochtuonia Primordials, they are unsightly artificial life-support systems strapped onto Autochthon’s dying body.

Theopoli seem pretty interesting to me! They essentially operate as First Circle Exmachina, except with higher essence levels, vast automatons defending and operating various systems and mechanical-organs throughout the Reaches of Autochthon’s sleeping form. Check out my expansion to the Realm of Brass and Shadow.

Click here to edit contents of this page. Souls and death is like pre-First Age state; no oblivion or underworld, just return to the ewer of souls. Only the lack of easily corruptable landscape halted the spread of the disease. At first, no-one noticed; a few stray exated of coloured smoke, an odd scent here and there, surely, these things were no cause for alarm.

Obviously eaxlted addition to exaltrd, Autochthon is filled with Elementals of all essence levels, as well as mechanical Behemoths built by the Maker himself. Cities were overwhelmed, thousands lost, and then, the nations were eight. This makes areas more vulnerable, but the whole more secure as he can’t be targeted as a singular exaltdd.


It was the alliance between Mog and Debok Moom to craft the conflict and the Grand Conclave that would end up shifting the nature of Embn as much as it did Iceto. The native language of all Alchemical characters is Autochthonic. The Realm of Brass and Shadow Contained wholly within the body of the Primordial called Autochthon, the world known to most of its inhabitants as Autochthonia is a place inimical to human life.

The Hall of 10, Copper Thunders. Edited to give Iceto a sobriquet like many other cities. Here, beyond a great yonic tunnel of undulating curved walls opening unto the world of the Maker’s form, her metallic spidery arms simultaneously labor across her assembly lines composing animating intelligences, and new devices, inventions, and engines to labor forth.

They are given food and water processed from the ambrosia workings of the citadel, and in return exaltec collect other resources from other reaches of the crystalline realm, such as patches of the other Magical Materials, found in fallen nerves, or the rare conduit veins that enter from the Pole of Metal, behind selectively exaltfd membranes. Since you need generally very bloody and visceral facilities for making alchies, the dudes who live in the pole of crystal don’t have access to the facilities needed to produce them like other nations do.

Hmm, I’m shifting around the society a fair bit if I ever get around to actually writing thisautohcthonia that’s a nice overview, thanks.

Some of them carried in their free hand a cup of stinking black stimulant. Seen as sometimes unethical and possibly unholy, but a exaltsd ally. The Elemental Pole of Smoke is the bane of the Great Maker; the enormous filter system that long ago ceased to function properly, and now is the representation of all that is wrong with Autochthonia.


While Embn does work ambrosia, it has far less to work with than Iceto, which is placed in the Pole to collect those prayers from the Octet directed to the Maker and the Ministers as a whole.

Thus Iceto and Embn situated themselves at opposing nadirs of the spherical Pole, in iridescent neural crevices, like the folds of a human brain, both with the Core high overhead through miles of inlaid labyrinthine crystal spheres, all turning within each other, creating new neural pathways and patterns everyday without any actual crevice having to itself change.


More importantly, the portal is only open for the reentrance of those who departed through it. I want to pick it up again.


Claslat, Jarish, and Estasia all directly connect to each other via their tramlines. All detailed scholarly writing in the Realm of Brass and Shadow is recorded in Old Realm, which is regarded as the language of technicians, savants and historians.

This message brought to you by the Illustrious Conductors of the Consecrated Vein, featuring the new Champion: This is my easy answer: The Salinan Working, having occurred after Autochthon erected the Seal that metaphysically separated him utterly from Creation’s causal continuity, does not extend to Autochthonia. The Autochthonians are not known for their leisurely pursuits. The people here have an almost uncanny sense of balance, and are usually the creators of any new technology.

As they favor moonsilver for their cities, Nurad is very well hidden. As with the Akuma the Yozi make from mortals, they may only be Invested with Spirit Charms, not Primordial Charms house-rule-clarification.

A living hive of corruption, seething and hating, with thousands of miles of rusting black tunnels and acidic fog, marked by lakes of acid and the dissolving corpses of fallen gremlin. Possession by Exmachina auhochthonia usually a viscerally physical process of a mechanoid implanting itself in a subjects’ body, quite common amongst Tunnel-Folk in the Reachesbut that’s not what true Drones are.

He was near the central distribution district, and it must have been near enough to first shift, for a proximity plate sunk beneath his feet a half a centimeter, but that was enough to trigger the stores and auto-marts into singing the wonders of their wares. The first city was founded here as a defence against the original rare groups of goblins, and the defences became so entrenched that it became almost impossible to move. If you like Alchemicals, please check out my DeviantArt Gallery!!

The ahtochthonia of Thorns were deeply proud. A Drone’s prayers can generate no essence. They use a lot of soulsteel, usually traded from Kamak. autochthpnia

The Divine Minister is weakened by this until they can forge a replacement Subroutine, which can take years. Creation has 24 hour days.