Description. Generator gearboxes can be used for the low-cost production of electricity on board. They are used with low-speed diesel engines and can be used. Flender-Graffenstaden also manufactures auxiliary gear units used on some of the With an installed fleet of more than 13 high speed gearboxes and more . precision manufacturing and control standards, each gearbox benefits from a latest knowledge in the field of gearboxes, every single gear unit is tested in.

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In addition to high precision manufacturing and control standards, each gearbox benefits from a dynamically optimized design of shafts and hydrodynamic bearings.

These multi-stage gear units can also incorporate other machines such as electric motors, steam, gas turbines, coolers and turboexpanders. Today you, our customer, are looking for optimised technical solutions at competitive prices. Leakage was not observed.

Gear Units | Flender

Wind turbine gearboxes Wind turbine gearboxes from Hansen, Bosch, Winergy, Moventas and other wind turbine gearbox manufactureres for various wind turbine brands like Vestas, Nordex and Neg Micon. The outcome of the inspection was that the clutch plates were worn and needed to be replaced.

Field Service Engineers are on constant standby to visit any ship or plant throughout the world.

Stork is an independent service supplier and is not bound by contractual relationships with any OEM. With impellers directly mounted to the gear casing, these products form an integral unit with the driven compressors and expanders integrally geared compressor.

The clutch has been tested successfully. We work in continuous shifts 7 days a week, always providing our customers the fastest gearbox repair. Our engineers went to the United Arab Emirates to repair and inspect this gearbox for flendeer client.


Only minor markings of hammering of the clutch plates were observed. The clutch plates, the piston rings, the piston retraction springs and two O-rings were replaced. Besides our classic service offerings such as spare parts services, repair and maintenance services, technical support gearboox various retrofit and modernization options, we help you shaping your digital future with our data-driven Flender Diagnostic Services.

Our selection of universal gear unit designs is perfectly supplemented by a wide range of standard options such as motor bell housings, backstops and taconite seals. It includes a multifaceted range of universal gear units, application-specific gear units and customer-specific solutions. Learn more… STORY Through a long history of gear manufacturing, Flender-Graffenstaden has acquired the know-how and the experience to be a leader in the field of high speed gears. Flender is a manufacturer of industrial and maritime gearboxes for almost any power application.

Using this experience, our Services division will provide the highest level of commitment to existing and new customers for products already operating in the field. Each product is tested individually on one of our state of the art test bench at full speed, no load condition, partial load test or even back to back locked torque test.

Flender industrial gearbox repair | GBS International

Diversity and flexibility — the application solutions With its range of helical gear units, Flender now has by far the largest number of application-specific solutions and is thus able to meet almost any drive technology requirements in hundreds of industrial and raw material extraction applications.

The OEM offered a new gearbox. Bonus Nordtank Micon Price: Gear inspection and geometric measurements Modification and optimization of the gear geometry. Through a long history of gear manufacturing, Flender-Graffenstaden has acquired the know-how and the experience to be a leader in the field of high speed gears.

By choosing solutions from the Flender portfolio, DHHI is benefiting from lightweight energy-efficient drives.


It was therefore recommended to keep these used clutch plates as spares. Flender-Graffenstaden provides turbo parallel shafts and integral gear units with centerline distances ranging from to mm.

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FLENDER Generator Gearboxes

End of warranty inspections Wind Gearbox alignment Gearbox inspection Gearbox optimization Geometric measurements Infrared measurements Torque measurements Vibration measurements Visual inspections. Our inspection findings were reported to our client. Price, performance and reliability — the universal gear unit solution Today, our industrial gear units are especially valued by our customers due to their high level of availability, their quality and their attractive price-performance ratio.

Using the latest knowledge in vibration analysis, journal and thrust bearing technology, sealing systems, finite element calculations for both shafts and casing and the know-how acquired over 60 years of gear manufacturingFlender-Graffenstaden now provides integral gear units weighting over 50 tons and wheel diameters reaching 3 meters for process plants. These ships can load and diskharge a full cargo of 2, tons of sand or gravel in under three hours.

Flender combined standard technology with individual elements. Planning, developing, verifying and acting are the keywords in our ongoing improvement initiative.

Driven by gas turbines, steam turbines or electrical motorsour single and double helical turbo parallel shaft gear units are preferred by professionals in search of high power transmission with very low power losses. Flender Total units available: GBS Gearbox Services international is the fastest, full service, worldwide specialist in gearbox repair of Flender gearboxes.

For this reason, our portfolio provides a virtually unlimited variety of design options.