New York Times bestselling author Joyce Carol Oates’s strongest and most unsparing novel yet—an always engrossing, often shocking evocation. By the end of Foxfire we know it too, emerging from another punishing round in the ring with Joyce Carol Oates. In this sombre story of blood. It was between the ages of thirteen and seventeen that I belonged to FOXFIRE and FOXFIRE made sacred those years.” Madeleine Faith Wirtz narrates Oates’s .

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El tema principal del libro es la diferencia.

The fact that this story focuses on a girl gang in a time and place where such things were unheard of, let alone even daydreamed about, is undoubtably the main core of its appeal and awesomeness.

I am, and the plot for me was too tangled and slow. This for some reason was not one of those books. They aren’t the girls of some local hoods. The book takes the form of a memoir by Madeleine “Maddy” or “Monkey” Wirtz. The other thing I thought about was Oates’ description of Legs’ time in solitary, and how well it matched up with this New Yorker article I had just read about the use of solitary in American prisons, and the way depriving prisoners of human contact can twist and break even the most headstrong mind.


Feb 26, Laura rated it it was ok. Wish I had read this in high school. A caorl leader with a purpose: Legs is stoic from the very oatee drawing others toward her with admiration and jealousy, flattery. Later on, while stuck in an isolation ward in prison, she finds solace watching a group of hawks circle outside her window.

Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang – Wikipedia

Views Read Edit View history. However, both novels have left me suitably impressed with the quality of Noyce. The descriptive words used almost made the scenes and characters real life. About Joyce Carol Oates. I love this book so much that I find it difficult to write about it without gushing.

None are seriously injured, but Legs is sent to Red Bank, a girl’s correctional facility.

This page was last edited on 20 Februaryat When the kidnapping plan goes wrong, it results in the breakup of the Foxfire gang and the mysterious disappearance of Legs herself. She is also the recipient of the Prix Femina for The Falls. It soon became everything I had joyfe wanted it to be, without ever really knowing what I was even looking for.

There are a few writers who can still engage me doxfire they are jumping all over the place as long as I can see why. The links between poverty, social marginalization, institutionalization, and crime are clear to those who have experienced them.

Aug 24, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing. Never back down, be who you really are “Foxfire never forgets” and neither will the next person you inspire.


Legs was my favorite character. Never have I found a work of fiction that combines all these elements into such an enthralling and historically pertinent book.

Sadovsky realises consciously or otherwise that coxfire way out of their abuse is female solidarity and collective action, which works… to a degree. The run-on sentences, capital letters, and lack of punctuation dragged my eye across the page and made the book very difficult to put down.

Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang by Joyce Carol Oates

This book is one of many that cements Oates into the the hall of fame of awesome American writers. Go away already, Angelina. She needed confidence, and like most teenagers, craved family. Nothing felt put on, or “for show. Books by Joyce Carol Oates.

Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang

At once brutal and lyrical, this is a careening joyride of a novel—charged with outlaw energy and lit by intense emotion. Foxfire is a gang in the lower class society, but the first all girl gang. The book said a lot about the time and place in which everything took place.