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It encompasses teachings from zen budhism to Castaneda’s experiences.

Books by Arno Entrenamieno. While most of the concepts by themselves are hardly ground-breaking revolutions, the down-to-earth presentation applied to a specif I picked up this book expecting climbing technique, and was surprised to find that it is much more closely tied to mindfulness and can be applied to any situation involving risk and action–that is to say, life.

Guerreros De La Roca Entrenamiento Mental Para Escaladores Arno Ilgner | eBay

It seemed so certain par of stereo-typically American, glorifying the way of the warrior, holding up the steely-eyed soldier, calm of heart and ready to execute as the ideal to aspire to. A good book to get an awareness of the potential mental pitfalls you may be encountering during mebtal climbing. While sitting or dangling with my climbing crew at the base of a climb or next pitch, the idea of climbing as a metaphor for life has come up time and again.

Some of the advice you can toss, but some of it has been extremely helpful, especially now that I’m trying to get back into leading after injuring myself, which is much more psychological than it is physical.

That said I think the idea of directly modifying your internal narrative from statements like “I can’t do X” to “I know how to do Guerreris, so how can I use this info to do X” or “What can I do to do X? The exer- cise becomes rote and motivation drops.


Jan 10, Ben Feinstein rated it it was amazing Shelves: And along the way? It wasn’t the greatest book I’ve ever read but it was surprisingly motivating and I had a good time reading it. The book had techniques in oara just not the kind I was thinking of. Dec 02, Isabella Burke rated it really liked it.

But as someone studying psychology, I thought Ilgner’s very fluffy, anecdotal and Zen way of thinking about mindsets and goals wouldn’t appeal mentzl me. You were climbing in order to be finished entrenamieno. Problems are problems, and the elements of a problem should be described in a way that allows me to think of how to solve them rather than my opinion of their usefulness.

That excuse looks pretty flimsy when held up in this light.

Climbing, it turns out, is better learned on the rock. Leave the comfort zone of your limited repertoire of techniques and learn. Started and ended very strong. That being said, however, I found the book to be full of platitudes and easier said than done concepts that lacked any meaningful recommendations as to how to implement these changes in my mindset while climbing.

This book gave clear insight and steps into rocaa and understanding a deeper level of the mental game for rock climbing. I loved the portions that talked about presence of mind, situational awareness and frames of mind.

The content is well-suited to a simple introduce-detail-summarize structure, but among the five or seven? This book contains brilliant advice, applicable to all aspects of life, but suffers from a lack of organization.

Guerreros de la roca: entrenamiento mental para escaladores – Arno Ilgner – Google Books

A lot of the ideas and exercises taught by Ilgner can be applied to life in wscaladores which makes this book valuable to both climbers and non-climbers alike. It’s written in a easy to understand and practical manner and doesn’t focus too heavily on theory.

Most examples are climbing related, of course, but this is indeed a very good book, with solid insights into the many aspects that limits our growth. Dec 30, Evan rated it really liked it Shelves: Instead, cultivate present awareness while letting go of subjective judgments.


Feb 02, Alissa Thorne rated it really liked it Shelves: I think that approaching challenges and knowing you can achieve it escaladored falling short feels very frustrating and I don’t think that is quite the same thing as complaining that something should be easier – perhaps this entrenamiemto since I come from a more competitive background compared to being a relatively beginner climber but when I lose matches I know I was capable of winning it’s usually not a sentiment that suggests that I wish my opponents made worse moves so that I could win, it’s an expressing of how dissatisfied I am with my own moves and by extension my preparation.

Your performance, whatever it was, was the best it could have been at the time. So – the book succeeds in its primary aim. Normally this would be a pretty big hit for me, but in this case it works in spite of it.

Guerreros De La Roca Entrenamiento Mental Para Escaladores Arno Ilgner

The concepts expressed in Rock Warrior’s Way are seemingly applicable to every aspect of life. There are plenty of personal stories and climber experiences that the author uses to relate to the specific points to improve understanding of the concept.

Did the job and ready to hit the rocks in ! As you enter a climbing challenge, make sure you expect to make an effort. We are not our thoughts, but the observers of those thoughts. It only serves to make us slaves to fear and victims of escalafores stant anxiety. As someone who was approaching my climbs from a perspective of accomplishment, this book has been a real eye opener. Now that you menntal finished climbing, it is as if you never really climbed.