DOWNLOAD GUNWITCH METHOD gunwitch method pdf & Repairing Notebook, Palmtop, & Pen Computers: A Technician’s Guide – · Comment. Gunwitch has been in the community and a teacher since the days of MASF, The Game, Mystery, and. His method, dubbed “Gunwitch Method,” is incredibly powerful, centered around the use . The Ultimate Guide on How to Get a Girl Back. Gunwitch method guide Snippets, Search Engines and Repositories This is not the manufacturer original CD or a copy of it.

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To further explicate, consider the following. This will curb her excited state slightly enough for her to begin recognizing your sexual state. I will now attempt to give you some grasp of the above seductive behaviours that will create an optimum level of attraction, and some grasp of those that will make you seem a loser or move things in the wrong directions. NOT at what you feel for them. Everyone should read gguide through several times till they get it.

To illustrate my point on this: Stand up comedians are often natural entertainers because they have learned that their poor looks can be accepted that way.

Gunwitch method. THE way to get LAID. | SoSuave Discussion Forum

Comforting words to the unattractive guy, But not something that produces results for the said guy. By the way, Mr. This is another reason lone wolfs are easier to go for, as they usually aren’t in some kind of “group state” of ruckus or methodd ect. It is a waste of time and energy to brag, as everyone can see it when someone does it, and takes the claims made as lies, even if they are true.

Not your regular speaking voice but YOUR sensual sexual voice. Not really a part of sexual state itself, but an obstacle to it sometimes and dealing with it.


Gunwitch method. THE way to get LAID.

Eternal Master Don Juan Jan 26, So read from the perspective of you and a single lone isolated woman, or distanced from others semi isolatedand it will come into focus.

Not a pretty picture to look at, hence my study of seduction. In public, don’t try to entertain these groups to “get in”; it’s a waste of time that could be spent on a lone wolf. This is the best verbal technique I’ve come across yet. If she isn’t attracted to you, and even if she is, this isn’t moving things into any kind of a sexual encounter.

You slowly move into this as you sense her loosening up a bit. Comments and questions welcomed of course. Gunwitch Don Juan Feb 1, Or even easier to remember, 1. You hear her whisper, “I like you a lot”. Proper eye contact with a woman is an important piece of your sexual state. See that was bragging and it was kinda lame huh? What to Talk About with a Woman. Her imagining you doing your hobbies, watching the same TV show, going out to the same drive in ect, gets her to imagine you as a normal person, not some guy with a van, ball gag, camera equipment, and a pistol outside waiting to lure her into the lead role of a “snuff” film.

It seems to work, if thats your PU style. Imagine you are talking to a former or current girlfriend in a bed and about to have sex. And everything to do with how you make her FEEL.

I am 5’7″ 5’9” in my “field” boots and used to weigh metyod “power lifter styled” mix of muscle and fat that was lbs. These kinds of relationships drain you in all other areas of life, try to avoid them at all costs, but if you find yourself in one, RUN! People used to do this and it had a touch of class, dignity, pride and authority.


But there is —one- that cannot be by anyone with any rational thought process. Since, I have trained men who were FAT, ugly, average and good looking to do the same things I do and gotten them laid FAST without much study at all or any improvement to their looks.

However, she will most times “make you wait” or want to “date” first in this context. Thread starter Gunwitch Start date Jan 26, Tough slog for that though. Post some more and it may get a little more ingrained into the board. You don’t wanna talk about her problems or negative things, so if it comes up change the subject.

Beta inferior less attractive males who happened to be intellectually superior set up misogynistic arranged marriages, barter systems for financial ownership of wives, religious persecution and moral persecution for women who enjoyed sex with the alpha superior more attractive males, as a means of being able to secure sex for themselves with no alpha competition.

These are the things that it should encompass. Well done, and thanks. Understand that women do not have some kind of special intuition about people, see Ted Bundy example above for proof.

Now, advanced deal here. So when in public, if you’ve just GOTTA try for a girl in a group, get a phone number and chalk it up as a loss. Still you need to talk or be labelled an alien so here goes. So give this a chance, if you wanna get laid. Have you ever complimented a woman you didn’t want sex with? A sense of humour isn’t a bad thing, but its not sexually motivating or progressive.

Not an exact science by any means, but perhaps a rough model of what you can generally expect.