ECLIPSE OF REASON. By MAX HORKHEIMER. New York, Ox- ford University Press, PP. I This book is a remarkably penetrating study of the status. I’m starting to read Max Horkheimer’s Eclipse of Reason. I have had high hopes for it and have not been disappointed. The distinction. From the Publisher In this book, Horkheimer surveys and demonstrates the gradual ascendancy of Reason in Western philosophy, its eventual total application.

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Eclipse of Reason (Horkheimer) | Revolvy

The critique of the sciences developed in the early texts moves along two lines. Objective reason deals with universal truths that dictate that an action is either right or wrong.

The Concept of Nature in Marx German: In each case, however, Horkheimer was not solely critical, and there is a positive element that Horkheimer finds in metaphysics that serves as a transition to his critique of science.

I would be writing for a long time if I were to go into detail regarding all of these elements. Thus also, by being the instrument of reconciliation, it will be more than eckipse instrument. Its History, Theories, and SignificanceM. Reason and Revolution topic Reason and Revolution: The ideas are big but are not unnecessarily swathed in difficult verbiage.

Jun 21, Kevin Mckinney rated it it was amazing.

It is a concrete concept, and a force in the world that requires specific modes of behavior. A critical theory which exists in dialogue with critical social movements capable of questioning both the means and ends of the social reality as vital forces toward heading off the revolts of nature which allow the subject to coopt him or herself into the very refinement of his or her domination.

These people willingly embrace or force horkhemier to accept the rule of the stronger as the eternal norm. Instead of using reason to organize and create society around ideals that we find meaningful, we now use reason to adapt to society as it exists and to make ourselves into as efficient cogs in the machine as we can be. This seems fair insofar as Horkheimer spent a great deal of energy claiming that empirical and theoretical rhe should be combined, and explaining why they should be combined, but did very little to explain how they would be so combined.


Helpful for understanding some of the thinking of the Frankfurt School. Objective reason deals with ends, determining actions by how reasonable their purpose is. It is related to the classical Greek concepts of mimesis imitative representation using analogies and prosopopoeia impersonation or personification as well as the Roman concept of eclipe but also differs from them see below.

As Adorno writes in the Dedication, the “sorrowful science” a pun on Nietzsche’s The Gay Science with which the book is concerned is “the teaching of the good life”,[1] a central theme of both the Greek and Hebrew sources of Western philosophy. On the Freudian view ego development involves the suppression of these various drives along these lines Horkheimer directly mentions Freud in Eclipse in discussing the way the child relates to the superego which embodies the principles of father-figures; see p.

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Alternative Legacies of Cultural CritiqueAlbany: Whether that media message has an effect on any of its audience members is contingent on many factor A architectureAa applied artsAg agricultureAr archeology, prehistoryB business, financeBk booksBg biographyC cookery, housekeepingCr crime, disastersD drama, filmE economicsEd education, child careF feminism, role of womenFa fashionFi fine artsG gardeningH history, antiquarianismI information technologyJ journalism, broadcastingL languageLc literary criticismLw lawM medicine, healthMa mathematicsMu musicN natural sciencesNh natural history, environmentP polymathPh philosophyPo politics, governmentPs psychologyR religion, metaphysicsS social sciences, societySp sports, games, huntingT travel, localitiesTr transport Language is mentioned where unclear.

This correspondence is neither a simple datum [nor] an immediate fact Instrumental reason I think treats people according to means and not ends as objects not autonomous subjects. A bit depressing because of the contemporary relevance of its main argument against instrumental reason and mass culturebut really edifying. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Some critics have described the work as Adorno’s magnum opus and ranked it among the most important pieces on aesthetics published in the 20th century. In he was awarded the Goethe Plaque of the City of Frankfurt, and would later be named honorary citizen of Frankfurt for life.


Thomism was made to reconcile Christian doctrine with Aristotle, one of the few authorities available on science. New PerspectivesCambridge, MA: Stanford University Press, pp.

But Horkheimer did not give up sclipse the possibility of radical action entirely. The show’s episode numbering scheme changed several times during its run to coincide with major events in the show’s history. Jonathan Beller is a film theorist, culture critic and mediologist. The rest of hofkheimer school were heavily influenced by Sigmund Freud and inherited Schopenhauer’s pessimism that way. Horkheimet books Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. By stripping the world of its magic — of its value-external-from-itself — reason accidentally denied the existence jorkheimer any absolute values, truths, and meanings.

The critiques of science and positivism make the same basic points. This is science taken in a much broader meaning than simply the academic disciplines of the natural sciences. I decided to read Horkheimer because of his interest in Arthur Schopenhauer, a philosopher usually not dear to those in the Marxist tradition given his intense personal hatred of Hegel and the association with Nietzsche and the Nazis.

Member feedback about The Aesthetic Dimension: We aim to control nature by becoming like it. Subjectivity is so oriented toward self-preservation that the drive toward self-preservation is the only end left.

That this does not occur, however, is the inadequacy of the bourgeois economic form: Social philosophy Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. The former refers to emancipation from restrictions such as social conventions placed on individuals by other people or institutions. Communication design Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.