Rules. Compiled from the original ​ HorrorClix Complete Rules​, the. Nightmares​ Rules Insert, the final ​ Errata & Clarifications document​ from May Check the full game rules pdf here: documents/ The game keeps getting better and better. Well we have seen a bit of hype on here about Horroclix, and there is a ton more out there on the web. So how does the new game sound?.

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Make an attack roll; if the attack roll result horrodclix at least 13, the tombstone is smashed and should be removed from the game. When moving a monster, if there are no opposing monsters or victims in the two spaces on either side of the doorway, then you can move your monster through the doorway as if it were open.

Horroclix order for a monster to slay a victim, give it a move action and end its movement in a space occupied by the victim. For example, if the combat value is 3, it cannot be increased to more than 6 or reduced to less than 0.


Anything occupying elevated terrain is considered to be at that elevation level. A double-base monster has horrorvlix adjacent spaces when not on a diagonal.

Faith Priest can be played either as a Priest or a Vigilante. A soaring monster is flying high in the air.

When healing a monster, click its combat dial counterclockwise a number of times equal to the damage healed. When a dobule-base monster attempts to slay two victims this way, an opposing player can play a plot twist card for each victim that would be slain; the opposing player chooses when victim he or she is playing a plot twist card for.


Predator became the first movie for which WizKids acquired the rights. Each miniature figure stands on a base and combat dial. If a player has more monsters than spaces in his or her starting area, that player can place monsters in any clear space adjacent to his or her starting area. A game element must be in play in the game to have an effect on the game.

Similar to the HorrorClix starter set, these packs featured a number of pre-selected figures, Plot Twist cards, and maps, from across the horror entertainment spectrum.

If a victim is slain while adjacent to a Tree of norrorclix Damned, the active player gets one extra action to use that turn. This is called a critical miss.

Giant monsters loom over the battlefield, and they have a much longer reach than other monsters do. The build total is the maximum point value allowed when the point values of all your monsters are added together. Powers are in effect when they appear in the hotrorclix slot. Whoever scores the most victory points wins the game. If hororclix monster with 2 action tokens is Possessed, it may still be given an action. The process of rescuing a victim is identical to slaying a victim, though plot twist cards and powers that prevent the slaying of victims cannot be used to prevent a victim from being rescued, and vice versa.

HorrorClix Rules Posted… – …

Before making a ranged combat attack, the target must be within range, and you must determine if the attacker has a clear line of fire to the target. Portals are a special type of blocking terrain. If you assign an action to a monster, place the action token next to the monster on the map once the action resolves. When a double-base monster stops its movement on a diagonal, it occupies only the 2 spaces occupied by the center dots printed on its base.


HorrorClix Rules Posted –

Each cabal has a leader that possesses a power—called a cabal power—that all friendly members of that cabal can benefit from or contribute to. Hindering terrain and blocking terrain affect rhles of fire to a giant monster as normal.

If a game effect allows for the alteration of terrain, boundary lines are assumed to change so that they always form an uninterrupted boundary.

Then both players simultaneously decide which sides of any crossroads cards they want to play with. Plot twist cards, scenario play, fictionand individual character cards for each monster place the game’s emphasis firmly on the fantasy of writing or directing a horror story rather than a game horrorxlix fighting and combat.

When moving a victim, follow the same rules with the exception that other victims do not cause portals to be considered closed.

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Friendly monsters are monsters controlled by horroclix. All players reveal their completed armies and lay out their monster cards face up on the table in front of them. Monsters do not receive action tokens for taking a free action. Standard monsters do not block line of fire to or from a giant monster.