No reason for some of the races you couldn’t mix an unleashed career and a ikrpg career. Man at arms chieftain. Or is there something?. I tend to go with the IKRPG one as it lines up better with stuff like Greataxes from Unleashed. But then, I did my own redo of Nyss to not require. With all the cool new races/careers in Unleashed we were considering and themes of the Iron Kingdoms, and this issue bears directly on that.

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I think that’s about the shape unoeashed it. I think that some of these careers are probably there because these abilities have been established in the wargames as specific ability sets that belong to specific peoples I mean, blood magic really is something that the Tharn do. There’s a difference between ‘norms’ and ‘restrictions’, though.

That’s how I view it as well. Everything you’ll need to know to play the four pregenerated characters is detailed in this book. Unleashed unleahed a lot of careers that make sense for trollkin. They don’t exist in Unleashed as a general stabby bloodweaver class that is restricted to female Tharn as an indication that no other race can ever use that sort of magic.

It makes characters different even with the same career. Discuss your favorite character combos, ‘jack schematics, and tall tales. OK, Brigand and Warrior left. Unleasshed contains the Hogwash adventure for the four player characters to experience, along with detailed information about the setting, NPCs, scenarios, and map layouts for combat encounters.

Iron Kingdoms Unleashed – Tabletop Gaming News – TGN

But it did not start out as rigid as it has become. None of their abilities consist of anything that would depend on being a troll or a farrow.

You should have also recognized that the Unleashed Nyss are different to the Core Nyss.

What do you think? Off the top of my head, there is cryxian necromancy, which is the driving force behind an entire flipping faction, ancient morrhdic necromancy, which was, again, the weapon of an entire nation, the witch doctor necromancy used by gators reasonably prevalent in that faction, as welland then Thamarite Necromancy, which is rare or common, depending on how many hidden thamarite cults you think exist.


I find that if you go solely unleashed there is just so few different character approaches you can do with so many restricted careers. Skorne is in the next book, probably along with Rhul, Ios and Cryx, the more exotic kingdoms.

Even in unleashed, I only added two careers though am considering the merits of Bone Grinder as a stand alone, but it might get split between Alchemist and Dark Wizard and Priest. There is nothing I the RAW that suggests mixing is not allow If its an IK ikrpb and everyone one is out of the IK books then use that.

Same with Unleashed, you can’t always have a perfect character. Unleashed really presses you ikrpt following wargame-driven character stereotypes which are, frankly, extremely boring. Trying to reiterate this, however, didn’t really take hold until I changed the names and merged several careers.

Depends on what you’re building for. It could have tossed Bayonet Charge into soldier and been done The idea that there is only two places to learn how to charge with a bayonet, both of them race and faction locked is kinda silly.

It’s also silly that in a setting filled with WWI style trench warfare only one faction knows how to be trench fighters.

Iron Kingdoms Unleashed

Sorry that something went wrong, repeat again! And it has no relation of any kind to anything in real life. I am just sad that we don’t get skinwalkers. But I like how the more stringent restrictions represents the less cultural osmosis of the wilds. Warbeasts of course are strong particularly compared to the pretty unstellar warjacksbut come with their non-combat limitations, and their difficulty to get.

Especially when the precedent is clearly already there, just not spelled out in a more general manner making it easily accessible. Unleashed really doesn’t and even in the base IKRPG there are some classes that have little reason to exist when there is already a generic class for them.

Sure, most warcasters will work for a national military. Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Pages – ” Balance-wise, I don’t see any problem with mixing and matching. Characters in Unleashed will in general be more powerful than characters in Full Metal Fantasy.


Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Core Rules | Privateer Press

If you wanted to be able to have a clear “This is what is considered a Trencher” you could iirpg have small callouts for these notable positions saying ‘a Trencher selects Soldier, Assault, Dig In, Rifle 2, Thrown 1, and whatever, a Winter Guard takes Pistol 1, Hand Weapon 2 and whatever’ so that way you can provide clear annotations, and if needed, hold a players hand through that “I want to play as X ikrpt model from the game” rather than the “I want freedom unleasyed making my character how I want” the system can’t offer right now note that making general classes allows both styles of play.

It’s really not a big deal. Kriel Champions and Slaughterhousers are careers the represent experience with particular military units.

You can change that for your own game, but it makes more sense to have the base class tailored to the specific female Tharn group in the standard setting and let individual DMs handle outlier cases than to pander to outliers and make the majority of DMs adjust the class to make it consistent with ikrrpg setting. I actually just treated everything in Unleashed that overlapped without clear reason as an update, because they’re the same setting and the same engine, there’s no need to have ‘two games’ that can’t interact.

It’s analogous to a “US Marine” career; they’re a specific branch of a specific military. Bottom line for me is that in general the content is not to be mixed in a single character, but a GM can use their head and unleasyed exceptions when it makes ikepg.

After that it has nothing to offer because it is a jack of all trades, which focuses on both fighting styles.

Having fewer, more expansive, careers gives the game simplicity and depth.