ARGENTINE STANDARD IRAM * Third edition Modification N? is included in this printing Bipolar electrical. IRAM Argentina two pin plug power cord with IRAM marked rated up to 10A V built to IRAM standards and designed for Argentine power supply. 3) IRAM ). Plugs must be provided with a label containing information about the use of the plug. Local climate conditions. N/A.

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Our power cord sets are manufactured under an ISO quality management ira, to ensure that you get the same outstanding quality with on every order you place.

This connector is sometimes referred to as a “Mickey Mouse” connector due to the shape of the connector looking similar to the kids television show character. The tests specified in this standard will be performed, unless otherwise stated, with the plug in the conditions for use, that is, with the corresponding conductors connected ieam the respective terminals. The plug material will comply with all that has been established in This is the standard 3 Pin plug for Argentina and has a temperature range of C to 75C.

The distance between parts under voltage with a different polarity and the external perimeter of the plug will be equal or higher than the necessary one to comply with the finger test trial specified in IRAMbut in no case it will be lower than 8 itam. In the IRAM standard additional details are included regarding the way to carry out this test. Table 4 oram Calibrator measurement for the verification of the standard outlet Type 10 A a mm 6.


IRAM 2063:2009

We’re more than just an online store, we have experts in the power and data industry that can help you online, over the phone, or via email. For plugs with a proteccion rate higher than IP X1, once the test specified in 6.

This component may be in use for other products, categories, or product-lines. This means that you can be sure that all of our power cord sets are of the highest quality and are certified for use in the United States.

Custom lengths are available in molded or assembled mounted configurations. Standard Stock Lengths are 6FT and 2.

IRAM 2063 Argentina 2 pin power cord plug with Argentine two prong power cable

All cords, cables, patch panels, and adapters sold on this website in original unmodified condition are covered under this warranty. Please contact us if you are looking for a large quantity, or, need help to find the correct product for your application. Blind drop shipping has never been easier. Being slightly smaller in size than the C13, the C5 can be a good choice for smaller appliances. Method to determine the resistance indexes and the electrical steering test under humid conditions.

For nominal voltage of up to With over 30 years of experience in the power and data industry, we have the expertise to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Locking IRAM power cables are available upon request. The insertion face of the plugs shall not present any protruding part other than the pin, when the plug has one of its conductors and is assembled for normal use, except the markings on relief with a maximum height of 0.


All products we sell have passed our internal quality assurance standards. For plugs with a proteccion rate higher than IP OX, once the test specified in 6. Providing high quality, affordable products and solutions is a cornerstone of what we do at World Cord Sets.

IRAM Argentina power cords with Argentina certifications

The C15 is commonly used in in electric kettles and other household appliances that involve higher temperatures than a normal C13 is made to withstand. Single, double, and multiple sample with rejection.

The IRAM holds information on the currently valid standards. Superficial dielectric rigidity steering. The injected plugs shall comply with the tests established in The plugs will comply with all applying terms specified in IRAM C, corresponding to a concentration of around 0. Editing will affect the component everywhere it is used. For compound plugs, the terminals will enable the connection of flexible conductors with a section from 0.

A case for intelligent Our products are manufactured using only the highest quality components, and, undergo rigorous quality assurance inspections and testing to ensure all of our products meet our exacting standards.