The Flame and the Flower (The Birmingham Family) [Kathleen E Woodiwiss] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. New York Times bestselling . Editorial Reviews. Review. “The queen of historical romance.” From the Back Cover Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book. The Flame and the Flower (Birmingham Book 1) by [Woodiwiss, Kathleen E . The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen Woodiwiss In the early s, Woodiwiss’s first novel was rescued from the slush pile by editor Nancy.

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I really don’t get why people considered Kathleen E Woodiwiss to be the queen of historical romance?! These were distributed to drugstores and other mass-market outlets and were generally available for only one month before being pulled from the shelves.

We meet him when he mistakes Heather for a prostitute, after she’s picked up by his henchman on the docks.

Recommended if you don’t mind slavery in your romances. When he finds out the truth, he does a lot of posturing and villainous laughing, basically telling Heather that if she didn’t want to be raped, she should have tried to enjoy it more, before raping her a few more times. I read The Flame and the Flower next and am frankly mystified as to why it holds such a special place in so many readers hearts.

If you would like to read classic, well-done, old-School romance, this is a good place to start. Although I read it numerous times after that, I hadn’t picked it up in years. Rogue of the Highlands. She never even called them slaves, referring to them as servants.


Whether it be on Annd. I enjoyed Forever Amber. And almost every man jathleen her, read rape her. Have read her books for 30 yrs, loved them 1 n all … Show more Show less.

That would have been more realistic for me. Although I thought the book showed some of the greenness in Ms. Early in the story there was a young man from Heather’s village, Henry, who was vying for her affections. Henry, however, was so sweet and so blinded by his love for Heather that I couldn’t help wondering if he might not have understood about the rape and married her anyway if she’d had the courage to tell him.

The Flame and the Flower

How on earth is it possible to read any text without putting it into some kind of context? Enjoyed the rant very much. It certainly sounds like a potentially realistic scenario for those times, but I’m sure that most women who found themselves in such an untenable position never experienced the happy ending that Heather did, which is, of course, what makes it romance rather than real-life.

I’m not sure Brandon would have believed her anyway. I can’t believe this. Anyway, to cut a long story short: After they were married, I loved that she fought back against Brandon’s callousness and him ordering her around and called him for what he was, a rapist.

Wolf and the Dove. Heather may be seventeen, but Brandon is younger mentally.

The Flame and the Flower — All About Romance

The Mother of all modern Historical Romances. Between andthe popularity of gothic romances began to wane.

That is the exact book you are remembering. Books like Flame and the Flower 1 20 Feb 21, The Flame and the Flower resembles modern romance in the sense that cro-magnon man resembles the homo sapien.


The Duke Buys a Bride. Have you ever read any D. In some ways, she was a product of her time, often meekly following others, but in reality, she had few other options for survival.

Forever Amber had many of the same problems with gender issues, and rape specifically, although at least Amber did things on her own initiative and made everyone uncomfortable by wearing too-sexy clothes.

Retrieved from ” https: I don’t judge other readers who have no quarrel with it. Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori.

The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

He loses any common sense – again, if he has any – and is so overcome by her beauty that he rapes her a few times. They seem to grow up a bit in the course of the book, becoming a bit more likeable in the process. I understand at first he thought Heather was a prostitute and thought she was just play fighting him when he forced himself on her.

He unsuccessfully attempts to rape her and after she escapes from his home she is captured by two Yankee seamen who mistake her for a streetwalker. Anyone who’s read the book knows this is extremely short. She wants to do anything that would please him.

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