Ratifikohet “Konventa Evropiane “Për shtetësinë”” Shtetet Anëtarë te Këshillit te Europës dhe shtetet e tjera nënshkrues te kësaj Konvente, siç parashikohet ne nenin 8 te Konventës për mbrojtjen e te drejtave te njeriut dhe lirive themelore;. ndërlidhja e të gjitha të drejtave dhe lirive themelore të njeriut dhe nevojës së personave me aftësi të kufizuar për t’i garantuar ato pa diskriminim,. (d). 1 2. Te drejtat e njeriut. Donart Geci. RRETH VETURAVE NE KOSOVE. Marjan Dodaj. Të drejtat dhe liritë themelore të njeriut dhe. kulla

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Library | Qendra për Mbrojtjen e të Drejtave të Fëmijëve në Shqipëri

Studim mbi kontributin e shkruar te levizjes se gruas ne Shqiperi A joint study by the southeast europe initiative of one world international and the information program of the open society institute.

United Nations Convention against Torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Results of a survey of practitioners, advocates and other experts on childhood and children’s work. Pakete me Rekomandime te keshillit te Europea ne Tee me administrimin e drejtesise restauruese. Guide Orientuese e Sherbimeve per Personat me Njwriut te Sherbimeve per personat me afesi te kufizuar mendore dhe probleme te shendetit mendor ne Shqiperi.

Identifying shortcomings in existing legislation and suggesting legislative action for improvement. In the forthcoming period, the Project Secretariat will focus on supporting the project implementation, through monitoring and provision of technical expertise where needed.

Zgjidhjet konvehta gjetura ne Shqiperi per shoqerimin e femijeve – viktima te trafikut. Reaction of criminal law to youth crime possibilities for alternative sanctions Dubrovnik Conference November Good Practices in combatting sexual abuse and kpnventa exploitation of children and youth in Asia.

Albanian Migration and the socio economic influence on the children left behind. Towards a shared understanding of terminology referring to the sexual abuse and exploitation of children. Analiza per punen dhe Veprimtarine e Policise se Shtetit gjate 6 mujorit te pare te vitit Budgeting and Imploementation Planning. Guide for cooperation and development of bio-medical technologies and clinical engineering. The Committee members reconfirmed their support for the work of the Project Secretariat, and pointed to the quality of the project proposals.


Furthermore, over the past period, the Project Secretariat had provided ad hoc assistance to beneficiaries in Albania namely the translation of the latest recommendations from the Framework Convention for Protection of National MinoritiesBosnia and Herzegovina namely expert advise on drafting the second report on the implementation of European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages and Serbia namely assistance with developing an action plan for minority inclusion, under Charter 23 of the EU accession.

Consideration of reports submitted by state parties under article 19 of the convention Albania. Guret udherrefyes jurisprudenca e Gjykates Europiane te te Drejtave te Njeriut.

Guidelines on Policies and Procedures in dealing with unaccompanied Children seeking Asylum. Despite Outcry, no reforms The desperate situation of children with disabilites in Russian institutions. Sistemi Penitenciar ne Shqiperi dhe roli Shoqerise Civile ne permiresimin e tij.

Paths of education to children human rights,participatory democracy and active citizenship. United Nations Rules for the protection of Juveniles deprived of their liberty.

– Për ratifikimin e “Konventes Europiane “Për shtetësinë”.

Rebuilding community connections – mediation and restorative justice in Europe. Manual Qytetaret Dhe Administrata: Alternative ways of punishing and improving the human rights situation in albania.

Regional Monitoring of child and Family Well Being: Ombudsman for Children in Europe new tools for the protection of children in europe. Anorectal Function and Benign, malignant, and Congenital diseases of the Anorectum. Children left behind in selected Countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. Proceedings of the fourth regional meeting of NGO coalitions for the the rights of the child in Europe. A Compilation of global resources and articles by and konventta sex workers and service providers.

Viewing of the World a study of British dretjave coverage of developing countries.


The next Steering Committee meeting will be held in September The Project Secretariat presented the key results achieved so far, which included the design of the project proposals in 36 selected local governments under evrpiane small grant component of the Project, njerlut up of functional local task forces, and selection of relevant short—term experts.

Good Practices in combatting commercial sexual exploitation of children and youth. Restorative Justice for women and young girls who have been victims of violence. Strategia Kombetare per permiresimin e kusteve te jeteses se minoritetit Rom.

Positive Discipline in the Inclusive Learning A guide for teachers and teacher education.

A report on the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in England. Promoting and Protecting the Right of the Girl child to be free from Violence.

Wikipedia:Faqja kryesore/Artikulli i javës/Arkivi/2016

Repunlika Shqiperise Kevendi Popullor per biresimet e miturave nga shtetas te huaj dhe per disa ndryshime ne kodin e familjes. Report on the Government of Germany on the occasion of the multilateral conference on the “Protection of Children form Sexual Exploitation Budapest Nov Practical Guidelines on how to prevent corruption on local government and social settings. Civil and political rights consideration of reports submitted by states parties under article 40 of the covenant.

Falling between the Guidelines The problem of displaced children in Colombia. Evaluation of FRESTA south east european programme for peace and stability through cross boundary civil society collaboration. An international overview of Save the Children’s work against child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Planifikimi Strategjik ne kuader te sherbimeve sociale per femijet ne rruge ne qytetin e tiranes strategic plan for the provision of social services for children in tirana.