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El Mejor Trabajo del Mundo: Thought it would be a good idea to add a little comment here, to clear things up in case some people were wondering. They’re very much present in my mind, however.

As well as in the Soul Realignment homework which I do for each lesson hehe! I hope a few of you are interested!

It seem that my guinea pigs acted A little tipsey or seemed intoxicated after a treatment. When you’re not interested in going out to the discotheque anymore or having nice dresses and looking sexy, when all you want to do is sit around out in the countryside and go for walks in the woods or in a field and that is what makes ya happy.

Anyways, so, my friend Practice Client number 1 and I were talking about this subject precisely. I had to use the money I’d saved up to buy a new washing machine instead! Not that Spain is poor, after all it’s a perfectly normal developed European country, I’d estimate its economy to be more or less similar to that of Canada, but then again if there are any Canadians out there reading this, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about when I say that Canadians also simply do not earn what Americans earn!

I’d have to do them over Skype or Messenger, although I imagine if you don’t have either I could always call you up on the phone using Skype. Wowee, I can’t even imagine how much fun we would have, oh yes I can!

To many more happy clients and relaxing days at the beach: I must be doing ok, if I can take getting my car broken into and spin it into a win. However depending on the problems and the number of blocks that you have, it can take some time.


Oh thank you sooooooooooooooooooo so much Noises! When I was finally able to get to the store, it just so happened that that very same day they were having a flash sale at the store, I didn’t even know about it! Well maybe if you’re a Reiki akashjcos it’s faster, because you move a greater amount of energy, but I’m not.

Has any of this soul realignment helped you with this?

2017-06-14T20:00:43+00:00 always

She finds it hard to even believe that people have souls. D I really do love Soul Realignment though and part of the reason is because Andrea’s teaching resonates with me very much. For example, if you’ve always had problems doing something, dealing with something or grappling with a certain issue in your life, because it was like you had some sort of block, hang-up or insecurities or doubts, or feelings of guilt, etc. Apparently she participated in that project, guess she must be a Blueprinter too.

You know what Andrea said about healing taking place in non-linear time.

Similar authors to follow

Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Yep, it feels like energetic massage for sure. She said she finished reading her homework exercises to be done after a reading, which help the new energies take up residence in the person akkashicos she was quite turned off by it. Anyways, more or less that’s the gist on where I’m at right now. It realigns your heart, your soul, your mind, your subconscious and conscious all in alignment with your, well you know your “up there” part some people I guess like to call it their Higher Self aakashicos, so that your “up there” part does the leading and all the rest of you can actually HEAR it and not only hear it but WANT akashocos follow it too!


If they decide to take 20 lifetimes instead of 2 to learn a specific lesson, that’s okay. People who owed me money never paid me, and this had been going on for years and years, practically all my life. And I suppose that since a computer is such an integral part of one’s life, and you’re energetically VERY much in contact with your computer all the time, well I suppose it also needed a Realignment! And I don’t want the people at his school reading my articles on Soul Realignment for example!

For example, like the example I used above, you might discover that you don’t spend your whole life anxiously hanging on to everything your friends and neighbours say about you anymore. It’s like when you finish elementary school and you feel so big and smart, you know more than all the little kids who are littler than you at the elementary school. But I didn’t have the money then, so I didn’t buy anything.

Looking forward to hearing about your second session.

New Modality: Soul Realignment [Archive] – Energetic Forum

D I finished Lesson 4 and am about to begin Lesson 5. Well on the schedule I set for myself anyways. That would be akashicps High to Low Avg.

Here in Spain Easter Week is a week-long holiday which everyone loves cuz it gets them all xkashicos onto the beaches and a mini-vacation sunning and funning. Like some paying SR clients, a nice place to live out arcjivos the country someplace hot I haven’t got any yet!

I certainly do know, in my case, that magic stone worked for me: So it’ll depend a bit on how busy the teacher’s schedule is as well, how long I must wait to get the appointment with her, etc.